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January: Today I Will Start Anew

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January: Today I Will Start Anew

Like a caterpillar, I will shed my old skin together with all the bruises, wounds and battle scars that I once have would be left behind as I undergo and change into a colorful butterfly with wings of vibrant colors.

I'll be reborn in a garden full of flowers with different colors and fragrances. I will move from one flower to another like a child hungry for knowledge that the nectars will bring. I will go to the very far reaches of the garden and explore everything it offers, I will see to it that I will embrace everything that I can like the sunshine, the water, the trees and everything there is I'll see to it that I'll learn everything.

My wings will not just grow stronger but as my journey within this garden goes on, my wings will shine as vibrant as what it could get, reflecting everything that's there and everything that I learned.

As I child, I am a slave of my stubbornness, my stupidity and my being reluctant to learn. This time I will forget about everything from the past and start anew. I will not let my stubbornness hinder me from doing the things that I should be doing hence I will do more and more things than I could before and accomplish tasks that I would try to ignore when I'm still my old self. My stupidity will no longer hunt me for I will digest every bit of information that I could whenever I have the means to do it. Being reluctant will be replaced by enthusiasm, if I am uneager to try new things before then that would be over for now. I won't let anything to let opportunity get as much as I could.

As I face this new life, I will raise new habits, habits that will make me more than what I've become before.

1. I will wake up each day with a smile on my face, a positive attitude and a carefree mind.

2. I will step out of my house with open arms, willing to embrace the world outside. May it be good or bad for I know how to make lemons into lemonades when life presents me with one.

3. I will meet and greet each and person that I will cross path with and start building friendship here and there. In life you never know when you needed one so start building your network. Be it someone younger than you are; someone your age or someone older than you. Friendship never looks upon age, social status or intellectual state of mind. With friendship there always a common ground where each and everyone meets.

4. I will prepare myself to work hard; to never let opportunity skip my grasps for I will never refrain from hard work for sometimes opportunity presents itself as one. I will see to it that I identify opportunity everytime it presents itself.

5. Lastly I will pack my things and call it a day. After a long day of work. I will try to grab a coffee, watch a film, read a book, play some games or even have dinner with a friend, chat and laugh as long as we can. We all deserve a good laugh and a relaxing bath before retiring to bed, to replenish every ounce of energy that we used the whole day.

I am renewed, this is what I am now and I will cling to it as much as I can. For I am not what I am before, this is a renewed me, someone that I happy to be...

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