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Hanky-panky Sessions With Him

3 minutes
A confession.

"I felt like an animal, and animals don't know sin, do they?"

Jess C. Scott, Wicked Lovely

I admired him for being pious and talented, along with this typical shirt and pants outfit.

Those chinito eyes with his graded eyeglasses. I guess I loved him or perhaps, I was just challenged to like him because he's not an ordinary guy. I have no answer.

He was highly devout and one of those few people called by the church to serve the Lord.

I wasn't, though.

Few more years, and he'll practice celibacy for a lifetime.

I was selfish and devil-may-care though until now.

He gave in to me, to my manifestation and magic ( just kidding or not), and all of a sudden, we found ourselves going on dates secretly like I was his secret.

We were young and curious.

I was more curious about everything, especially about coitus and kisses.

Days have passed by faster. It was swift, unnoticeably fast.

I can't even remember some timelines of what happened. My apologies for that.

Going back,

We would meet every three months, fourth or sometimes, the sixth month, as soon as he got his free day from the seminary or sometimes, not, because of my schedule at university.

Hindi ako sigurado kung may nahalikan na siyang ibang babae dahil nga ay batang simbahan. Laki sa simbahan.

The make-out sessions we had got hotter and hotter as I taught him how to kiss passionately.

Marunong siyang humalik pero di siya marunong paano gamitin ang dila sa paghalik.

We were aggressive.

We were too passionate.

We were addicted to the thing we called "thrill."

We kissed passionately, in the church's comfort room, the theater, the motel, and the beach. Saliva, moans, and breaths, only we can savor.

The first date was still vivid to me. After texting and calling each other in private, we decided to meet again, not as churchmates but as individuals looking for intimacy and adventures.

We promised to see each other inside a mall, had our lunch inside a fast food restaurant, and sat in the narrowest area of the place wherein people couldn't see us.

He got tickets for us and some popcorn and went inside the theater.

Several minutes have passed. I was somehow startled by the view of him, smelling and kissing me in the ear while whispering how cold I was or how he was happy to meet me.

Di ko alam kung libog ba yun or gigil o pagmamahal pero sinunggaban ko siya at hinalikan. Oh, I love kisses.

I cupped his face with my two hands while gently slipping my tongue inside his sweet mouth. I have always been fond of long and wet kisses. I can totally hear the slurping sounds of our mouths as he slowly started to become aggressive, touching my thighs to my bosom.

He was an introvert but I felt how hot he was feeling while he was grasping me and kissing me so bad.

I couldn't tell how "gigil" he was while caressing me that we forgot we were sitting in an area wherein spectators are sitting in a more elevated area. I noticed some eyes looking at us.

I felt guilty but I giggled and whispered, "Let's stop na. May tumitingin sa atin oh, ayaw ko na masita ng gwardya,"