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24 minutes
This is a work of Fiction . . . or is it?

"Babe, di ka pa tapos?" Marie said while fixing her makeup.
"Yeah, I'm almost done!" I answered through the bathroom door.
I was taking a shower. We were going out. We're going to see indie short films in a University's auditorium of sorts. It's my first time. We were invited. Were we invited or did she want to go? I dunno anymore. I didn't care much. It wasn't really my thing but I was not against going. Spending time with Marie was what mattered. The whole thing starts at around 5 PM, if I remember correctly. It was 4 PM. There's still time, I thought, so I decided that I could probably squeeze in a few faps during my shower. I was horny. I'm almost always am. You might be thinking, why didn't you two do it while in the shower? Well, you see, we haven't done it yet, even though we kind of live together. Why? Well, I had this sort of strong self-control and believed in 'no-sex-until-marriage' and all that bullshit. It's funny, huh? A horny man who believes in abstinence from sex. But yeah, like I said, I had strong self-control and stronger conviction to my beliefs.
I was stroking my cock furiously thinking of being deepthroated, being ridden and grinded deep, my cock deep inside, hitting spots that would make any woman curl, squirm, and grind for more. My fingers stroking the head carefully and nicely, tracing its naughty creases and corners and sensitive spots. My hand stroking the full length of my very hard and erect cock, squeezing it tighter as I stroke it faster and building up my pent-up horniness. It feels good. It feels freeing. I'm almost there. Just a few more strokes and I can feel heaven coming down on me, greeting me with its sweet, sweet release and ecstasy.
"I'm coming!" I shouted angrily, because I heard three quick loud knocks on the bathroom door, interrupting my ejaculation.
Putang ina. I was annoyed. My balls better not hurt too much after this. I went out and got changed without saying too much since I didn't want her to get more pissed at me for taking too long to shower. I didn't want any arguments. I just wanted to get this whole thing over with.

We arrived at the venue. Marie was meeting her best friend from college who was also excited to come see the films with us.
"Hi, Marie! long time no see! Ang saya kasi it's been a while since I've seen you! I'm so happy you could make it!" she said with honest eagerness
"Oo nga eh! Matagal na natin 'tong plinano and buti mahilig ka rin sa indie stuff, hahaha!" Marie said as they both went in to give each other kisses on their cheeks.
"Hi, Dee! Buti nakasama ka!" Her friend said smiling at me.
"Hello, Vee." I said, boringly. "Yeah, wala naman ako'ng ginagawa eh. Naka-tanga lang sa apartment so, might as well."
Vee just smiled at me and giggled a bit and continued to chit chat with Marie as we walked to the Auditorium. She was cool. We met her just in time in the venue's parking, before the whole thing started. We went inside the auditorium and got into our seats. The showing starts.

It was actually pretty fucking cool, not gonna lie. I was actually enjoying watching these indie short films. They were creative, entertaining, odd, but yeah, I was having a nice time. There was this one particular film that stood out. I wasn't expecting anything until it finally played on screen.
I think the title was Simbang Gabi though don't quote me on that.
It was about a family. They looked like any normal Filipino family, nothing special. Mom and Dad and their Daughter, named Sunlight. There was a guy but I forgot if he was a brother or a cousin, just the fact that he's also family/relative. I remember the movie starting to drag a bit because they're just showing a lot of normal things that goes on in that household; their everyday routines during the Christmas holidays. The titular day came and the parents and Sunlight came with them. The brother/cousin stayed claiming he had severe headache so he'd rather just stay home. The three of the family is shown in the church, sitting listening to the mass. It was a good maybe five to ten minutes of that scene. I was getting bored. Then Sunlight suddenly acted in pain, touching her head.
"Bakit anak?" asked her Mom.
"Masakit po ulo ko." Sunlight said as she rubs the temples of her head.
"Pwede po ba ma-una na ako'ng umuwi?" she asks them.
"ha? Malayo layo pa lalakarin mo kung maglalakad ka. Tapos masakit pa ulo mo." said the Mom.
"Pwede naman po ako mag tricycle" the daughter said.
"Sigurado ka kaya mo?" The daughter nodded silently as she looked at her dad for approval
The dad just nodded and went on to listen to the priest.
"mag-ingat ka ha?" said the Mom as her daughter got up and went silently on the side of the pew they were sitting on, eventually getting out of the church. The two parents are shown just staring at us, the audience, as they intently listen to the priest. Then the scene cuts to the Dining Room on their house, the guy slowly and carefully laying out plates for their dinner. I think it was Christmas Eve. In this same shot, you can see when someone comes in from their house gate, into their front door, and into their Living Room and then, The Dining Room. The daughter comes in the house and goes to the where the dining room table is. The guy holding a plate, on the left of the table and the daughter on the right. They stared at each other. It must've been a minute. Sunlight then darts towards the guy and kisses him full on the mouth while the guy sets the plate down on the table quickly enough to catch her in his arms then hugged and grabbed her. They were kissing like lovers in heat. Their tongues visible enough from that wide shot to see their drools glistening through. The guy mashed and caressed her breasts through her sun dress. Sunlight rubbing the guy's bulge from his shorts with her whole palm like it was something precious. Quickly, the guy parts his mouth and drags Sunlight into the left corner, turned her around and lifted up her dress, pulled her panties down and pushed down her hips, making her arch her back, her ass potrudding towards the guy's face like a hot meal as he kneels down and proceeds to lick and suck her clit. Everyone could hear the audio through the whole damned auditorium. Sunlight moans of delight with a hint of pain somewhat. You can see the guy's head motions clearly illustrating how he's slurping and lapping on Sunlight's pussy. He grabs her arms, drags her towards the table, made her sit on it, then they start locking lips again. he pulled down the top part of her dress then starts sucking her nipples. Sunlight now visibly showing signs of ecstasy and heightened arousal, she grabs his head as he sucks her tit like a baby, hungry for something that won't come out.
"Aaaaauuuuugh! AH! Aaaaaaaaauuuuh! Auh! OH!" moaned Sunlight. The guy then parted her legs, and with one hand hastily pulls down his shorts and underwear enough to expose his throbbing cock. rubbing it in sunlight's pussy.
"UGHGAH!! AH! AUUOH!" Screamed Sunlight. Without delay, The guy rammed his cock inside sunlight, making her almost faint from the surprise upon entry. The guy, holding her back, kisses sunlight's mouth again as he starts moving his hips faster and more deliberate, pumping in and out of Sunlight's drenched pussy.
"Oh! AH! Kuyaa! AH! AH! Sunlight exclaimed.
Clap! Plok! Clap! Clap! Clak! the sounds of their skins and wet genitals slapping each other in the heat and dimmed Dining Room was heard all over the auditorium. This was fucking intense. Isn't this porn already? I thought to myself but I wasn't complaining, though I was sure my cock was also starting to bulge up on my pants. Good thing it's pretty dark. The scene went on for a few minutes.
"AAAH! AAAAAH!" Sunlight's moans were getting louder but she's also obviously trying to keep it down.
The guy was fucking Sunlight like an animal when suddenly, two beams of headlights were shown coming from the left side of the outside of their house. The Car stops outside the gate, the Dad goes inside and opens the gate. All of this happening all at once.
"MMH! OH! AH! MM-AH!" Sunlight continued to moan as the guy moved his hips faster and starts suckling her other nipple, making her grab hold of his head, extend her arm to the table and balance herself while she's being ravaged.
We at the auditorium were on our seats as we saw the parents' car, park in the garage, the headlights turned off, and both car doors opened, with the Mom and Dad exiting the vehicle.
All this while seeing the guy and Sunlight fucking like dogs.
"MH! MM! UMH!" Sunlight moaned.
The house door opens.
"MMMH! UHM! AHM!" Continued Sunlight
The parents go inside the living room.
"MMMAH! MMMOH! MMMMMMMAH!!" Sunlight squirmed embracing the guy, him also locking her in place he pressed his whole body on Sunlight, against the table, both of them almost lying down on it as the guy shivers as he cums inside her. Both of them shivering from the pure ecstasy of their shared orgasm.
The parents go into the Dining room, opened the lights.
Sunlight and the guy gasp for air as they held each other in that very same pose, the parents fixing the tablecloth and the finishing whatever the guy was doing while setting up the table. The guy, pulled out, Put his shorts back up, proceeds to continue top set up the table with the parents. Sunlight composes herself, fixes the side of the table where she had been fucked on, fixing up the disturbed plates and utensils. She wipes her mouth, puts her sleeves back up, and goes down from the table. Standing up, she also fixed her messed up hair and her Sun dress.
The Mom got out some food. The Dad opened up the christmas lights from the living room christmas tree. He then went to the Dining room, at the far right, where his seat is, started pulling the chair and sat down. The Mom follows suit and pulls her chair and sat down. The guy also does the same and lastly, Sunlight pulls out her chair and sits down. The dad starts prayer for food then they all proceed to eat their Noche Buena. Casually started talking about other stuff like nothing happened as the credits rolled and the camera stayed there watching this family, slowly getting out of focus as the credits end.
Everyone in the auditorium were clapping loudly and some were even whistling. I was astonished as to what the fuck I just saw. I was clapping as well. Everyone started standing up to give it a standing ovation, I had to even though I knew I had a bulge going on, I just thought, fuck it. I'm sure everyone here is the same. I stood up and clapped as well. Apparently the film was tackling about how amidst every Filipino family's normalcy lies others that have a very strange definition for normal, Where incestuous relationships are not shunned, but are also kept secret in society's very judgemental, and prying eyes.
After that short film, I don't think I was able to concentrate on the others that followed it. I tried to but yeah, I guess that one really just got to me. It was unexpected.

The night went on and we hung out and ate dinner with Vee. I could say that it was actually a nice night out of sorts. I'm glad I went with them. I forgot about my blue balls after all. After dinner, Marie and I said our goodbyes to Vee and we all went home.
I was full, I was tired, but I was satisfied with how the whole thing turned out. Marie and I just spoke about how nice the movies are and of course, how nice it was to see Vee again.
"Babe, ano opinion mo dun sa short with Sunlight?" Marie asked me.
"It was actually surprising kasi na-bore nako sa simula palang and parang walang nangyayari until the part where they had incestuous sex. It was really unexpected and I thought 'isn't this porn already?' Pero ayos din lalo na yung commentary nung mga gumawa (Every short film had their respective cast/directors/writers say some commentary about their films after showing), mas na-gets ko yung point." I explained.
"Yeah! nagulat din ako and to be honest . . . medyo na-excite ako when lumabas yung scene na yun! ahahaha!" She said, giggling like a dork.
"Yeah, actually tinigasan ako so I had a hard time tumayo nung nag-standing ovation na mga tao. hahaha!" I said.
"Yeah, I know." She said biting her lips and lookling at me with malicious eyes.
"Hehe you were looking? Pano mo nakita eh madilim?" I asked her curiously
"Well, nung nagkakantutan na sila sa screen, nakatingin ka lang kasi and I figured you were getting turned on from it. Tapos nakita ko nag-adjust ka ng upo mo and you adjusted something there" She pointed at my pants. "kumambyo ka 'no, kasi tinitigasan ka na, di ba?" She said mockingly as she started to approach me slowly.
Aw shit is what I thought. I think that short film also did something to Marie and I never even thought about it. I mean, naka-concentrate lang kasi ako sa sarili ko so I didn't know. But yeah, it's obvious: She was horny as hell right now. Marie kissed me, hard. Her tongue kept moving and entwining with mine, like a snake trying to wrap around its prey. I held her face and answered every movement her mouth gave and rewarded it with me sucking her tongue and biting her lips gently. While making out, I felt her hand slid down my shorts and, just like Sunlight, she started rubbing my bulge with her palm, stroking it against my shorts like it was the best thing in the world.
"mmmmm~" I hear her moan, seemingly excited to know that her kisses and her hands were waking up my cock nicely.
"ah fuck, beb!" I exclaim as I move my hips against her hand's movements, meeting her strokes with my own.
I couldn't take it anymore. My mind was racing and it's just filled with lust. Na-ipon na ata masyado libog ko for that day. I fondled her supple, round breasts, and mashed them, our lips haven't parted even while we spoke.
Marie was already wearing her sleeping clothes: A nice simple sando, no bra, cute short shorts, which really helped accentuate her thick thighs more. We kept exchanging spit and drool as our hands were running wild with each other. I went on and just went inside her top and squeezed her tits nice and slow as I flicked and pinched her nipples gently. She also took out my already throbbing cock and squeezed the base so hard, it kinda hurt, then stroked it upward reaching the head. Alam niyo yung may pinipiga kayong sachet para lumabas lalo yung ketchup para simutin? That's what she was doing with my cock. I pulled out my tongue from her mouth and immediately just made her sit on top of me, right on my tummy, then I proceeded to suck her left breast. I opened my mouth wider and sucked hard like I was sucking Zagu, my tongue constantly swerving and massaging her nipples and her whole areola.
"AWW FUCK!! B-babe!! Uuooh!!" Moaned Marie. Drowned in spit and drool, I switched to her right breast and started doing the same thing. Marie has now started to really stroke my cock like mad. She was getting faster at it too. I stopped moving because the sensation was too much.
"Fuck beb, slow down. You're going to make me cum agad." I said to her. She just smiled and giggled and looked at me with those fucking horny eyes. She stops then lets go of my cock, slides her whole body down to where my cock is and pulled her shorts down and pulled her panties on the side. She sits on top of it and starts to slowly grind it with her pussy lips spreading and widening with each hip movement. My hands were free and she's seemingly eager to just let me lie down and watch her grind me. I just look at her plump waist grinding and gyrating, rotating naughtily on top of my cock, every movement deliberately trying to make me harder with every stroke of her pussy.
"Shit, beb." I said softly while nervously smiling. I was looking at her and she was just looking at me with her lustful eyes, her left breast half-exposed, the sando strap loose, biting her lips, smiling. I've never seen her this horny before. As to what we do as a couple, this is the extent of what we do since as I told you, I believed in not having sex before marriage. We might be doing all these lewd stuff but we were still, in fact, virgins.
"Ipapasok ko 'to, babe." She said confidently and softly, her eyes never breaking contact, her lips sporting a devilish grin.
I was shocked. "A-are you serious?" I asked nervously.
"I know you want me to" she said "and I know gusto ko din 'tong ipasok sa puke ko ngayon." She said sweetly as her hips continued to swerve in naughty directions against my now extremely hard cock, dripping with precum.
"I'll only do it with your permission. But I really really want to put you in me, baby." She said in such a fucking sultry way, I felt like I already came just by hearing it.
I was nervous as hell. My head was just racing with thoughts of what would happen if I got her pregnant, and how that would make our lives hell since we're not ready. But also, my mind was thinking how good it would feel to finally get inside her and feel her warmth and wetness slobbering all over my fucking cock.
"Okay." I said
"Are you suuure?" she said mockingly, her hand slowly touching the base of my cock, preparing to move it.
"Y-yes" I said like a total virgin.
"Reaaaally?" she asked with that mocking tone again, her eyes still piercing right at me with that devilish grin getting even wider. "Seryoso ako, baby. I'm not kidding, you know. Last chance to back oooout~" She said, as she raised her hips higher and her hand holding my erect cock, now kissing straight into her Pussy's entrance. Kinikiskis niya yung Burat ko sa entrance nung Puke niya. It was a sight to behold especially for someone who's never had sex before.
At this point, I didn't care anymore. I was about to explode and my mind was just filled with nervousness and lust at the same time but I guess Lust won. All that mattered was that fact that I wanted it too.
"Yes. I'm sure" I said, looking at her.
I could feel my Cockhead being swallowed by this intensely warm and wet sensation then it slipped. My cock slipped.
"Oops! hihihi!" Marie giggled "You must be proud, babe. Anlaki kasi ng ulo neto." she said proudly.
Again, I could feel that instense warmth and wetness slowly descend upon the tip of my cock and then I felt something tearing, this sensation now slowly enveloping my shaft until I felt Marie's whole weight fall down on my pelvis.
"OOOOUUAH~!" Marie moaned in both pain and pleasure. It's the first time I ever heard her make that sound. It's the first time I ever felt this. It was hot and wet and I feel like something was sucking the tip of my cock.
"Congratulations, babe. 'Di na tayo virgin." she said looking at me with her piercing gaze.
She leaned in on me to give me a kiss and I could feel her pussy slide up a bit, and it felt so good. It was clenching really tightly on my throbbing cock. Our tongues entwined and we sucked each other's drool over our lips. She went to lean back again and started to grind her hips slowly.
"A-ahhhhhmmmmmmmm~ oooohhhh~" She moaned
"Holy shit, beb" My eyes were focused on her hips and how she moved it. "Hindi ba masakit?" I asked her, concerned.
"Kanina lang, nung pumasok. I think you broke my hymen but now you fill me up and ang saraaaaaaap." She said, like a drunk.
She started making wider hip movements and was gyrating and making circular motions and making my cock move a lot inside her. Parang sinisimot ng titi ko yung buong loob at korte ng puke niya. Ang sikip. Ang sarap, puta. This was bad.
"OOH! AAH! UHMMM! FUCK!" Marie moaned as she started to get more aggresive and moved her hips in wildly wide circles while putting her whole weight on it. I could feel something really sucking the tip of my cock and it almost feels like little lips, trying to suck it. I had no idea what it was but it was stimulating the hell out of me.
"OH! AH! AH! UHM! AHH! HEEEH! UHMMMMMMMM!" Marie was entranced. She was getting out of control. This is too much stimulation, both in sensation and visually. Seeing her move her hips while drowning in lust is too much for me. I dreamt of this but I never thought it would feel like this. I was nervous and hard as a rock.
"ehehe" she giggled as she looked at me like she was gonna do something worse. I felt her hips move up slowly. I could see her pussy lips clamping on my cock, leaving trails of wet juices until it reached the head of my cock.
"UM!" She groaned as she suddenly put all her weight down on my cock as I felt my cock squeezed by her pussy once more, My cockhead being kissed, yet again by whatever it was in there.
"FUCK!" I moaned. This bitch is going for it is what I thought. She looked at my eyes, bit her lips and just grinned widely.


"Fucking hell! AH! AAh!!" I moaned, as she started to furiously pound me with all her might.
"FUUCK! This is too much! STOP!" I groaned like a fucking loser.
"Ehehehehehe" Marie giggled, just smiling at me, drool dripping from her lips, her eyes fixed on my expression, which I have no fucking clue what I was making. "Ang sarap ng titi mo, baaaabe. Sobrang sarap ng titi moooo." She said in a soft voice since the neighbors might hear us.
"UHM! UM! UM! AHH! UHMM! OHHEHEHE! UHMMM!" she groaned. Nanggigigil siya. She was fucking me like a crazed bitch who has nothing on her mind but cock.
"Beb, stop a bit, you're making me cum!" I told her.
"Ehehehehehehehehe" she giggled again, not listening to what I was saying, still looking at me like I was nothing but a sex toy. I was turned on so much.
She stopped. She put out her tongue looking at me as her drool slowly dripped on her and my tummy. She then started furiously grinding her hips in circular motions again; waaay faster than earlier.
"Tangina, beb! stop!" I told her. She wasn't listening at all. I could feel like that thing inside her trying to suck my cock's head was taking in more of it than before. It was too much. I was going to lean in towards her but she stopped me with her arms.
"Diyan ka lang. Fucking enjoy this, you fuck!" She said aggressively but smiling, like she was teasing me; toying with me.
She kept me pinned down with both her hands as she kept grinding my cock heavily. She was so wet. It's almost like she pissed on my crotch and tummy, not to mention the drool dripping from her mouth adding more to the mess.
"Beb, stop! I'm seriously going to cu--" She pulled me up in a sitting position, pressed my head on her breasts and I instinctively started sucking her left nipple. It has never been this erect before.
"MMMMM! AAAAAH! OOOOH! FUuuUUUUUuuuuuck! OH! Oh, baaaabyyyy! You fill me up sooo fucking muuuuch!" She said as she kept exchanging grinding and deep thrusts with my cock. I could feel my bedsheet wet from all the liquid we were making.
"Beb, please, I'm going to cum! I'm going to cum! We can't get you pregnant!" I begged her.
She embraced me tightly, leaned in on my ear, as I felt her thrust all her weight into her hips making my cock push up inside her more.

"Go ahead. Shoot your cum inside me and make me cum." she whispered.

I just fucking lost it. I could feel reason and logic leave my body as I felt her embrace tighten, her whole weight descend upon my hips, and my cock, being sucked rather furiously from the inside as I spurted out ropes and ropes of cum.

"uuuOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!" We both gasped and moaned together.

I think I'm going to die is what I thought as I felt all my strength, leave me. I kept spurting, and I could feel her pussy clenching with every spurt I make, that thing still sucking the tip like it's a straw. I was fucking ejaculating inside my girlfriend. I'm doomed if she gets pregnant. That was all that's inside my mind as my consciousness was slowly getting back to me. I could feel my cock calm down inside her, wet and hot from our juices.
We both fell down lying on the bed as she pulled me out. We were just catching our breaths.
I looked at her and she was smiling and drooling. I noticed she had tears in her eyes.
"A-are you okay??" I asked very concerned "Did that hurt??"
She looked at me and smiled. "I'm okay, babe. That was . . . Beautiful." She said looking at me with a seemingly calm but still horny face.
"You're crying!" as I point out that she had tears falling down her face.
"What?? Ahahahahahaha!" She laughed. "Bakit ako umiiyak? hahahaha!"
I was confused.
"Nasaktan ka ba?" I asked again.
"Nope. I think this is just because nilabasan ako and I felt a lot of emotions. I'm okay babe." She said, smiling at me.
"What were you thinking making me cum inside you?!" I asked really concerned. Our relationship was still undisclosed from her parents and the last thing we need was her to get pregnant.
"I'm safe. My period finished yesterday, so it's safe. Besides, didn't it feel amazing?" she asked, teasingly.
"I . . . I mean, of course it did. Pero pano gagawin natin pag nabuntis ka??" I asked again.
"Hindi yan. I just had my period, okay? it's safe. Don't worry too much." She told me while embracing my left arm, her, attempting to be in a snuggle.
I just went silent cause, I didn't know what to do or what to think. I'm glad we lost our virginities to each other, but I'm now worried as hell, since I tend to overthink. Even though she said she was safe, I couldn't help but feel worried.
"So, how was it for you?" she asked me.
". . . Masarap, malamang. Akala ko mamamatay na ako sa sarap. Grabe yung loob mo, parang may sumisipsip sakin. Parang may Alien. Gamit na gamit yung ulo ko." I said, honestly.
"Ahahahahaha! Gago ka talaga kahit kelan!" She said while she slapped my arm then went back to snuggling it.
"That's how it felt." I said in all honesty. "Ganun ko siya ma-describe right now so, yeah."
"hahaha. Well, Gusto mo pa?" She asked me, smiling widely again, her eyes seemingly getting back into looking like she's gonna be drunk in lust once more. Her hand slowly rubbed my cock again.
"uh... Sure. Why not? Give me a blowjob first." I commanded.
"Not a chance! hahaha!" she said teasingly, as she sat up and squeezed my cock, jerking it off. "Now, you'll do the moving!"
"hahaha alright!" I said as I went on to pounce on her and gave her a kiss.

We went on to fuck another round and I did manage to make her give me a blowjob after all.
What a day to remember.


This story has many firsts in it besides its title and theme. This is the first time I wrote something this long, with sex being the main subject, and my first time posting here.
Thank you for reading.

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