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The 8th Crazy Thing I Did Part 2 - The Therapist...again

8 minutes
This happened just a week after part 1.

I went back to my next session for the week thinking that the replacement would already be there. I actually treated the therapist just like the way I treated the Pizza Boy (please check my previous story on this) so it was not really something that got me scared and I really thought it was a one-time thing. I was a little late when I got there and it was already on their lunch break.

I was the only patient there and most of the people working there are already leaving to eat, then I saw that there was the guy again. He said people will be on break soon and I can comeback since I missed my initial time but I had to go to work (one of the few times I had an afternoon shift) and asked if I can be squeezed in the schedule. He thought about it then gave me this smile like meron siyang pinapahiwatig. Patay malisya lang ako and was making him kulit and said he will see what he can do. After a few minutes, he said we can start and I was both relieved and scared because at least I won't be late but I am scared because parang may utang na ako sa kanya.

So I went in the therapy room and after a few minutes he was there. I was telling him that I will be dressing up and he asked if he can be present. Since he already saw me and he was doing me a favor, I said ok. I was wearing a shirt and jeans on and I took my top off and knowing I will be doing exercises and the jeans would be hard for me to move, so I just removed them as well. He was pretty cool with it, he wasn't ogling anymore and I didn't do anything to tease him since I wanted the therapy to start already.

So on goes the session, and as usual, the back massage was getting wider and was reaching the side of my breasts already. I told him "Ang lawak naman yata ng variance ko." He said he just wanted to make sure he got the whole back covered. It was actually soothing but I was getting a bit annoyed yet a little hot as well. He was touching my side boob and was using his fingers to do flicking motions which is giving my body tingles After the 1st part which was the massage and the current, on to my stretching exercises, it was a little hot that day and I told him since he already saw my breasts, can I just do them without the gown. He said of course and I joked that since I will be doing it topless, he should supervise me bottomless. Joke lang naman yun pero he was kinda serious but I was not really minding him. The exercises were pretty strenuous and I was already sweating a bit. He would sometimes help me even though I think didn't need it and I felt his hardness poking me. I felt that he was doing it on purpose when I mentioned that if he keeps poking me, it might rip his pants.

I was not sure why but he took it as a signal to full touch my breast. I was facing the wall standing up and he pressed me by the wall with my back to him. He kissed my ear as he mashed my breast. I was still holding on to the wall and his hand slowly went inside my panties and reached my clit. He started stroking it and getting me wet. He then moved me to the bed area where the massages are done and he pulled my panties down. He sat on a chair and opened my legs and started licking me. He was not too gentle because after a few licks, he was already sucking at my clit and sometimes entering me with his tongue while his finger flicks my clit. I was trying my best not to be noisy but since I am not really a moaner, I came silently. He was already taking his clothes off while he was eating me and he stood up and started kissing me. He tasted of cigarettes and coffee and was mashing my breasts pretty hard. He then angled me in a way that I am at the edge of the bed like thing, and he gets to enter me. He has a normal size though one thing I noticed that he was hairy, I don't think he shaves or trims. I told him not to cum in me since I am not safe and he said he can control it. It was good, not great and he built a steady rhythm. It was just that the bed started making noise and I was getting worried. He said that the rest are on break but I was still a little scared so he stopped and got a chair.

He then sat on the chair while guiding me to sit on him. I did, and holding on to the backrest of the seat, I start rocking on him. I didn't like him kissing me so I was avoiding his kisses and he focused on my breasts instead. He was sucking and gently biting them as I rode him. I was using my body to grind on him circularly and to wave my body and really thinking about my own satisfaction rather than him and it seemed that he enjoyed it. I was actually trying to reach orgasm when he stood me up and made me face the bed. This really annoyed me but I just let him do it. He bent me over and spread my butt cheeks and entered me from behind. He was grabbing my hips and his thrusts would vary with a few fast ones and then he would slow down. I think he was trying to prolong his cum and that really is getting me annoyed because he can't get a rhythm. His hands would touch my breast, my shoulders, and my butt. He slapped it a few times which irritated me but I just let him do it. He tried pulling my hair a bit but with it was shorter that time so he wasn't able to do it that well to my relief. I was touching myself while he was thrusting until he grabbed both my arms and started really thrusting hard. That is where I got my orgasm and he knew it and he got really confident, calling me names but I wasn't really listening. He was actually asking me questions but I just ignored him until he was going to cum. After a few more pumps, he pulled out and came on my butt but it seemed like he was really tigang because it reached my back.

While we were resting, he told me that I should finish my exercises so that the trip will still not be wasted and I complied and finished my exercises naked. He went to peek outside and said no one is still there so he watched me while touching himself. As I was finishing my stretching, he said that he was about to cum again; he used part of the gel as a lubricant and asked if I can suck it. I told him that since he put gel already and his hardness is hairy I will just suck the head and told him not to cum in my mouth. I then bent down and sucked his head while my hand pumped his shaft. His hands were playing with my breasts or reaching down to touch my wetness which got dry. I few more combinations of my hand pumping and my mouth sucking his head, he came on tissue paper.

As we were getting ready to dress, I told him that this is a one-time thing since my usual therapist would be the one to continue and he said he has no delusions of this happening again and his gf is also one of the admin people in the center and was just on leave. Ang yabang pa ng pagkasabi niya and nairita rin ako. He said he is also rendering his 30 days and have 2 weeks left because he will be leaving for abroad soon so this is like his despedida gift and party (kapal ng mukha, ang yabang). For me I think it is good as that would make him keep quiet about us and that suited me fine. I got dressed and left the center and went to work. I really wasn't that satisfied but at least I came twice and it could get worse. I was going to meet my bf that day so at least I will still get another chance for better sex.

In the next sessions, my usual therapist is back and she asked me who did my sessions. I mentioned he guy and her face changed. She said he was presko, babaero and manyak daw. I just smiled and said ok lang naman, medyo presko lang. Then she went off saying he is feeling pogi and marami daw naging babae dito sa center. Then from the way she was talking, I noticed like there is a bitterness to her voice and I remarked "Aha! Isa ka rin sa na biktima noh" she just went quiet and we laughed. I just told her, "Ok lang yan, isipin mo nalang nag enjoy ka kahit 5 minutes." And we just laughed. In my mind, "Oh gosh, nabudol ako." He actually tried contacting me again after a few months but I ignored him.

Thank you for reading my latest post. I hope you all enjoyed reading this and thank you and to get to know me more, please read my other stories.