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My Niece And Irish

5 minutes
I know it's been a long time since I shared a story. Sobrang busy namin ni Irish, wala na halos time mag good-time. That is, until umuwi yung pamangkin ko galing San Jose, California.

Kakauwi ko lang sa condo namin from a road trip. Pumunta kase ako ng Davao para sa isang project. Si Irish naman, pauwi na rin from Isabela. Wedding ng best friend niya. I was not able to join her because of business commitments.

My Tita from the US told me her daughter is going to Manila to shoot a documentary. It turns out Kaye works with a movie production company. Nasa Pinas siya for 10 days as part of her project on public markets in Asia. So after three nights sa amin, she will stay on a hotel near Divisoria. Long story short, I agreed to host her for a few nights. Ok din naman kay Irish.

Kaye was met by their corporate partners sa airport, tapos hinatid siya sa condo namin. Last time I saw her in the States, dahil sa tagal kong hindi nakakapunta sa US, she was a young 16 year old with braces, morena, petite. She's now 23 years old and from what I saw on her FB page, medyo matangkad na siya at nagkalaman na rin. Dati parang sobrang payat.

I did not see her when I got home sa condo, because I was also tired. Sa gulo ng schedule ng PAL, twice na-cancel flight ko for Manila, tapos yung nakuha kong flight finally, dumaan pa ng Cebu.

When I woke up, sobrang gutom naman ako. I stood up after the usual morning ritual and went out of our bedroom in my boxer shorts, sporting a bit of a boner. Honest, I forgot that we had a "visitor." It was too late when I realized. She was already at the dining table with Manang. I walked towards them shirtless with a semi-hard on from the usual morning erection. Babalik sana akong ng room kaso she raced towards me.

"Tito Lance!!!"

She raced towards me and hugged me.

"Wow, you've grown."

"Of course."

"Sorry for me being almost naked, I was totally spaced out and hungry."

"No problem. Didn't know I had a buff uncle."

During the pandemic, I found time to go back to the gym in our condo. So yes I had more muscles again.

"Oh Kaye, thanks. But I'm actually getting old."

"What are you now, Tito, 32?"

"Just turned 36, in fact."

"Well you don't look it."

"Thank you."

"Where's Tita Irish?"

I sat by the dining table to hide my boner, nakakahiya naman kung makita niya on the first time we're meeting after a long time. She bumped my cock when she hugged me and that did not help.

"She will be home tomorrow from a wedding."

"I see."

"So tell me what's happening with you, Kaye?"

That was the only time I had a real chance to look at her. Very Pinay pa rin ang features niya, but she had a tattoo on her cleavage. She looked athletic. Firm arms. Tight body. Breasts that are a little bigger for her built though I won't call her boobsie naman.

After a bit of kwentuhan, I finally asked her about her tattoo.

"Hey, sorry if I kept staring…"

"At my boobs you mean?"

Then she laughed. I laughed with her.

"Well, yeah."

"I always get that look actually Tito. Must be the tattoo, right?"


"Ok, to be clear, BFT is not my boyfriend's initials or something."

"Then what is it, because I am pretty sure those aren't your initial too."

"It's like a thing I have with my girl friends. Something we have in common…"

Then she paused. And looked tentative to proceed. Parang nagi-isip bago sumagot.

"Shit this is kinda embarrassing actually…"

"Come on Kaye, you're not a teenager anymore."

"Yeah. And besides, you've always been my favorite uncle."

"I know, right!"

We laughed again.

"BFT means Bad First Time."

I pretended I didn't know what that meant. Medyo nagulat ako.

"Please tell me Tito that I don't have to explain what that means."

"Is it what I think it is?"


"Oh I'm sorry, my pretty niece." I leaned forward to hug her.

"Thanks, Tito. And no worries, that's like two years ago."

"Who's the bad guy?"

"Well, we broke up pretty much after that."


"Yup. He's an fucking asshole. Popped my cherry and ghosted me."

"I'll kill him someday."

"Not worth your jail time, trust me."

"And no boyfriend since then?"

"Nope. I mean, it's quite traumatic don't you think?"

"I'm sure it was. But you're pretty and smart, so men…"

"Are all jerks you mean?"

"Oh come on, most are but not all…"

"Just not the right time I guess. I really like where my life is right now."

"That's always a good thing."

"Wanna see my other tattoo?"

"Go for it!"

She lifted her shirt, exposing the bottom half of her left breast. I was shocked. Kala ko she would remove all of it. Or maybe I wished.

It was another initials, KMH inside a circle.

"You looked clueless, Tito."

"Told you I'm getting old."

"It means Kiss Me Here, you old guy!"

"Ohhhh… I see. Sorry. Yes, that makes sense." I felt my cock just grew even harder.

Manang approached the table with my fresh pot of coffee. Good thing we were interrupted.

I refused to entertain the thought that she was teasing me.

My phone rang. It was my EA.

"I got to take this, Kaye."

I stood up in a hurry, trying to hide my boner in the process.