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Black Bully Takes His Prey's Mom

7 minutes
All his life James Rond had been a bully. He picked on people, beat them up, was very rude and disrespectful. He was 6 feet tall had sandy blond hair and most importantly, a 9 inch dick. His latest victim was a shy boy called Steve Crane. Every day James would beat Steve up. He had been doing it for weeks. One day when James came home with a black eye his mother was determined to get involved. She was single and Steve was her only child. She would do anything to protect him. Despite Steve begging her not to do it his mum called up the school and set up a meeting between James, the principal an herself. The meeting took place and ended with James being put on suspension for a week, as well as a chat with his parents. It was Monday morning and Steve's mum had just made her way home. She unlocked the house and walked on in. What she didn't realise was that from his car James was watching her with eager eyes.

"God she's fit," he thought to himself. "Around 5 foot 8, with amazing round boobs and ass and long black hair. She's perfect." He grabbed the flowers he had bought and made his way to the door. He rang the doorbell keen for her to answer. Steve's mother got her money from her rich ex-husband in alimony so she didn't have to work and spent most her days at home or the gym. The doorbell surprised her as she wondered who it could be. She was of course very surprised to see James at the door. "Hello Ms Crane. I'm here to apologise for bullying your sun," James explained as he handed her the flowers. She was surprised by this and didn't know what to say.

"Thank you," was all she could manage.

"I know this is incredibly rude but do you mind if I use your loo? I'm busting. Please." James asked. This nice, well-mannered boy was nothing like the total shit she had met at the meeting.

"Sure go down the hall and to the left," she allowed. James walked in and made his way to the toilet. "What are you doing that's the boy whose been bullying your sun," she thought to herself as she put the flowers on the coffee table. The toilet flushed and James walked out.

"Thank you," he said to her. He stood there staring at her for ten seconds before she asked what he was doing. "Do you want something, cause you can go now," she told him. However instead of going away he came closer to her, the good boy act going out the window. "You listen here bitch, a suspension won't stop me from hurting your son. Even if I get expelled I will get him," he threatened. "If you want him to be safe then you're gonna need to do something for me," he stated.

"Absolutely not you fucking monster!" She shouted at him. James pulled a pocket knife out of his pocket.

"It'd be a shape if that face of his got all scared up," he threatened.

"What, what do you want?" She asked him. He gave her a smile.

"First of all what's your name?" He asked.

"Miranda," she replied. If she was thinking straight she would go straight to the police. However she was distracted with fear and wasn't.

"Miranda. Sexy. I want you to suck my dick." He told her.

Miranda was shocked, she couldn't could she, it was her sons bully for fucks sake. However the thought of keeping her boy safe made up her mind for her.

"Just a quick one," she told him. He just smiled and pulled his dick out, his hard, 9 inch dick out. Miranda's eyes opened in shock at the size of his monster. She slowly got onto her knees, reluctantly opening her mouth. Her thrusted his cock in there and began to fuck her mouth. Miranda closed her eyes and tried to imagine it was someone else's dick in her mouth. These thoughts immediately went away when he called out her name in pleasure. After a few minutes Miranda had got used to the dick in her mouth and had in fact began to get wet. Without realising it she started to suck him off willingly, taking as much of his cock as possible. Eventually he came all over her face.

"Wow! You my dear Miranda, are one good cock sucker," James applauded her. "All well, I guess I'll be off. Unless, you want me to stay?" He asked her.

"Of course I want you to leave you pig," she replied.

"Ok then, I'll see you tomorrow. Same time," he responded before walking away leaving Miranda on the floor with cum all over her face. She didn't get to sleep that night, she tried to convince herself that she had done it entirely to keep Sam safe but she knew she deep down she enjoyed it. The next day James came around as he promised ready to get his dick sucked. "Hey Miranda baby. How are you?" He asked upon entering.

"James, I can't keep doing this your by sons bully. It's wrong in so many levels." She explained to him.

"Baby listen, I'm not your sons bully anymore. But, if you want me to be I will be, unless you do as I ask. Now let me feel that big round ass of yours," he told her. Miranda hesitated for a second before turning around. James came up behind her and grabbed her ass with two hands. "Ooohh! Amazing!" He commented. He turned her around and began to feel her tits. Poor Miranda couldn't take it anymore, she needed to be fucked. He was making her so wet and he has such a big cock.

"Fuck me! Please fuck me!" She yelled at him. James smiled at her.

"I don't know, I'm not really in the mood," he teased her.

"Please, I'll do anything for you. I need your massive cock now!" She screamed. James stared at her for several seconds before slowly pulling off her T-shirt. Next he skillfully unhooked her bra and through it to the side revealing her large round breasts. Next he pulled down her jeans and panties revealing a shaved wet pussy. Then he got undressed himself showing off his muscles to his new bitch.

"Take me to your bedroom," he orders her. She did as he was told and took him to her bedroom. He jumped on and commanded her to hop on top, which she did willingly. With that he began to pound ear pussy hard. It was so wet his dick was sliding in an out like it was a bar of soup.

"Aargh!" Miranda screamed out as he took the full length of his dick. She screamed out for the first few inured before fully enjoying his monster in her. They changed position so James was behind her which just have James more power.

"I'm gonna cum!" Miranda screamed out at him. Cum she did, all over James dick. He didn't let this stop him and continued to thrust. A few minutes later Miranda cummed again screaming with delight as she did. Eventually James himself came, but only after Miranda had came twice more. They lay there on the bed together, his hands on her legs. She no longer saw him as her sons bully or that what she was doing was only to protect him. She wanted this 18 year old, stud, who could satisfy her like no one else ever had. She was completely excepting to be his bitch. These past couple of days had been the best of James life. He had forced a kids mum to suck him off then totally made her horny for him and willingly fucked him. He was very excited for what the future had in store.