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Salacious Adultery

4 minutes
It had been two weeks since my house burnt down. One since I moved in with my best friend and his wife. Four days since I became her photography assistant. Three since I became her subject, yesterday we started an affair.

Tonight, Conrad was going to be out of town for a trip to see his mother and that meant that Josie and I would have the place to ourselves.

Lying in the guest room just thinking about it the night before started to get me worked up. Kissing her had been one of the biggest betrayals of friendship I had ever committed in my life, and one of the most intense flights of passion my heart had felt. Lost in thought and begging for dreams to come take me to that better place, I didn't see Josie open the door to my room. My neck stretched back across the warm pillow and let out a stretching morning moan. My eyes jolted open when I felt hands running across my stomach up to my chest. I opened them to see Josie standing next to the head of the bed. She had been quiet working her way up next to me, and I couldn't decide if it was to have control over me, or not to wake her husband presumably sleeping in the other room.

As I began to open my mouth Josie covered it, bringing her other hand up to her lips motioning for me to be quiet; her eyes demanded it. She sat gently down on the bed next to me smiling while she did with her feet off the side, looking down at me. She was barely awake herself, her hair was messy, the sun hadn't begun to rise just yet but the faint glow of morning shone across her and her nipples were poking firmly against the loose beige tank top she had been wearing the previous evening, albeit this time without a bra. My hand tried its luck finding a spot on her thigh a couple of centimetres away from the loose soft fabric of her pyjama shorts. Her skin was soft and warm and I encountered no dissuasion. She opened her pouted her lips and I could hear her take in some air. Her hand let go of my face and returned to my chest and her fingers traced over my nipples before spreading out widely on my sternum.

She gave me a crooked smile, her head tilted slightly to the left and her hand worked its way down over the covers to where my dick was. She raised her eyebrows with a teasing look as she gently squeezed the outline of my shaft, finding my balls further down with the tips of her fingers.

My hand slid up the inside of her thigh and she spread her legs apart slightly, showing me a view through folds of fabric to her raven pubic hair, my luck hadn't run out and it was telling that soon I felt a warm wetness on the tips of my fingers. I was careful to take my time softly running the pad of my finger over the hood of her clit. Her hips began to move ever so slightly. She was enjoying herself. Her hand grasped harder on my dick over the covers now, with one motion repositioned her hips so my fingers were tempting the entrance of her vagina, and pulled the cover down from my chest revealing my hardening dick.

There was no lack of quiet in the room, I could clearly hear breathing, and she mine.

Hers was faster.

I moved my fingers through the folds of her labia, taking my time to savour every touch. After my dick was out in the open she looked me in the eyes and only hesitated slightly before taking hold of it, her touch was gentle and it drove my heartbeat skyward, I didn't want her to stop. My dick filled with blood and grew in her hand. This was the first time we had seen each other like this. The first time we had touched.

Like a bear coming out of hibernation, a loud yawn resonated from the waking Conrad in the other room and immediately made distance between us. I across the bed and she out by the door from whence she came. She bit her lips together and looked back at me as she passed through the doorway. I couldn't tell what she was thinking. But soon I heard her speaking to Conrad and not long after some giggling they began to fuck and I lay masturbating, thinking about all the naughty ways I would repay her for turning me on like she did.