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Coffee Part 1

7 minutes
I parked my pick-up below the tree to take advantage of its shade. It was very warm outside despite the altitude. Tagaytay, while very cold before, has become warmer the past years as more and more people flock to enjoy it's view and its supposedly cool weather.

I put up the windshield cover to lessen the heat that would be retained by the leather seats. Got my phone and my keys from the passenger seat. I checked my wallet to check the few thousands I withdrew in case cards don't work.

I locked the doors and took one last glance of the bright red paint and the silver lock of my Ford Raptor.

My hands slid the keys to my pocket while walking to Starbucks entrance. I opened the door and the fragrant coffee smell welcomed me.

" Uy! Mag order na kayo." I heard a group of girls talking pushing each other to the counter. My eyes wandered looking for the person I am to meet.

It is the first time that we will be seeing each other. We had some chats and some were naughty. After several weeks... Or even months of sending messages to each other, we will finally meet!

I am a little nervous as first impressions would really matter. I am not a heartrob. I am a 6 footer but not muscular. I have flabs... Yes... I do... My eyes are chinito and my face is smooth. I am fair skinned but not as white as before. Age is catching up as I turned 40.

I walked a little as my eyes continued to scan the place. I spotted her. She looks exactly like her picture. Her copper blonde hair extends to her back. Her vibrant eyes are as expressive as I expected. The sexy lips were there. Yes, definitely sexy. She smiled at me. Seems she recognized me too.

I approached her and she stood up. We embraced like friends would and put our cheeks together (beso). "How was your trip?" She asked...

I continued looking at her. I didn't hear what she said. I still can't believe that I am finally doing this.

"Huy! Sabi ko sayo mataba eh...". She said. Pouting her lips. "Disappointed ka ba?"

I finally got my consciousness back and said "of course not! Chubby but yummy!"

" Narinig ko na yan. Bolero ka talaga."

She is not thin but not fat. Her breasts are of a good size and her ass is well rounded. A little flab but doesn't look bad at all. She was actually pretty and hot.

" How about you? How was your trip?" I asked.

"Medyo mainit but ok naman. Parked my ride outside. The one that you saw from the video I sent."

"Oh... That one. You really are a rider... Layo din nun ha?"

" Not really. Mas malayo naman ang pinanggalingan mo."

"Well, I would not argue there. Would you want to order?"

We got some coffee and pastries. We sat again and chatted.

"Kumusta ang junakis mo?". I asked. "Nagpunta sa friends. May sleepover sila". She showed me the picture of her daughter.

She had the same smile. The same sexy lips.

"Mana sa nanay ah!" I said. "Maganda rin"

"Loko ka talaga. Magkasama na nga tayo, panay bola ka pa rin."

" Hindi naman. I'm just sharing what I think."

"Ikaw, buti nakatakas ka?"

"Nagpaalam ako na may lakad ako with some friends"

"Ikaw talaga..."

We continued chatting. Biruan. Kulitan.

When we finished our coffee, nagyaya na siya. "Saan tayo?" I asked.

"Basta! Sumunod ka na lang."

She grabbed my hand and pulled me out of Starbucks. She led me to her bigbike.

"Yung akin na lang". I said. "Baka mahirapan kang iangkas ako. Malaki ako no."

"Ok lang yan don't worry. Expert to". She said.

I wore the helmet and positioned myself. I put my arms around her.

"O. Baka san mapunta Yan." She said.

"Gusto mo Naman.". I countered placing my hands on her breasts. She laughed and said. "Later na Yan. Baka masyado akong madistract. Mukhang di ka pa naman sanay umangkas."

Aminado ako. This is the second or maybe the third time na umangkas ako ng motor. Medyo di ako magaling magbalance.

"Kapit ka lang ha. Baka bandang huli, ipaospital pa kita". She said smiling.

She started the engine and the bike accelerated quickly. She took the road to Silang. My hands tightened a little bit on her belly and she started laughing. "Hey loosen up." I loosend my grip a little.

We arrived at an inn. It was surrounded by trees and flowering plants. We parked and entered. The receptionist gave us the keys and we went to the room.

The room was nice. A small room with queen sized bed with white cover. Flower on the side and plant on the other. A small television and a tea set.

"Shower tayo? She said"

I followed her in the bathroom. She removed her clothes one by one.

The scene got me excited. The blood pumping to my now semi-erect cock.

She started showering while I continue to look at her. Her eyes were closed as the water flows from her head. It slides to her breasts and firms a fountain on her perky nipples. Her mounds really looked great and hot. 38C I think.

Looking lower would show some stretchmarks. Well, every person would have that at a certain point. Nothing to be ashamed about. It actually makes her look hotter.

Looking further down I saw a shaved pussy. The lips are closed as if telling me to put my lips there as well.

"Halika na". She said.

I removed my clothes feeling a bit embarrassed. She might be disappointed. As I said, I am not fit. My cock is 6 inches when fully erectwith a diameter of about 2 inches or a little more.

She pulled me and led me to the shower. I helped her soap her body while her back is tuned towards me. I gently slid my hands to her stomach and embraced her from the back. She looked ate and we started to kiss. I feel my cock on her butt cheeks and it is becoming more erect.

The soft kisses were turned to more lustful ones. With our tongues having a swordfight trying to outdo each other. My hands moved and started to caress her breasts very gently. My hands were like a potter's molding clay.

My fingers found her nipples and started playing with them. Squeezing them a little and flicking them from side to side. "Ungh...". She moaned a little while we still kiss.

My wet kisses went to her ears and to her neck. She pulled my head saying "I like that!"

She turned off the water. My kisses went down to her back. I licked her back worshipping every inch of it. My wet kisses went down to her butt cheeks squeezing them gently with my hands.

I slid my tongue to her ass licking it with some intensity. She bent a little more to give my face access to her wet pussy. I slid my tongue to her hole and she squeeled with delight. "Oh fuck! I missed that!"

My tongue played with her hole like making a knot from a cherry stem. Flicking my tongue up and down, left an right, circular motion and writing letters. I continued to eat her sometimes nibbling her labia and sucking her clit. She is in ecstasy.

"Fuck! I'm cumming!"

Her juices flowed out and it was the first time I enjoyed so much juice coming from a pussy. She is a squirter.

I drank all her juices but wasn't satisfied yet. I have become addicted to it at first taste. We finished showering and went to the bed. I laid down facing up.

She went on the bed placing my head in between her thighs. I fantasized about this.

She sat on my face with my mouth on her pussy. She rode my tongue like a girl riding a hard cock.

I harnened my tongue to give more pleasure to her. Her hips are rocking forward and backward savoring the pleasure once more.

"Fuck! I really dreamed bout this!". She said.

I held her hips to guide her. Squeezing her ass who she rocks.

" I'm cumming again..." Her thighs tightened and constricted my head a little. I can feel the pressure but it actually made me feel wilder. Libog is real. Sabi nga. Dumagdag pa sa libog ko ang pag-ungol niya Ng malakas.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!". She rode my face like there was no tomorrow. Her juices continuously flowed and I continuously drank it. I didn't want any amount to spill. I licked her pussy cleaning it. Preparing it for more.

To be continued...