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My Elizabeth 10

47 minutes
Sa hapon pa siya susunduin nina Yssa at maaga pa naman kaya't muli kaming nagsiping sa kama. Ang sarap talaga na may kayakap na hubad sa ilalim ng kumot at sa loob ng tila nag-yeyelong silid.

Hinahaplos haplos ko ang pisngi at braso ni Liz hanggang siya't napa-idlip na may twalya pa din sa ulo. Subalit hindi ko na lamang ito inalintana at minasdan ko na lamang ang mala-anghel na mukha ng aking Elizabeth habang siya ay natutulog sa aking braso at dibdib.


Later that day, I picked up Liz from the tennis courts but was not able to meet Yssa because she and her stepsibling left early since Roland was not feeling well. It was not because he's in a severe condition, but Jessica wanted the kids to be home because she'll be going on a business trip abroad for a week. Her flight was that evening, and Raymond had to take her to the airport, and their company driver was off on weekends.

Liz was already standing by the curb when I pulled up at the tournament's venue, appearing so lovely in her outfit. She's wearing a white loose V-neck crop tee, which accentuated her sexy collar bones. Her peeking bra strap on one side added to her sensual but classy looks.

My baby was wearing a high waist summer beige chino shorts that barely covered half of her thighs. With that, anyone could ogle her fair silky skin. She's wearing classic all-white Nike shoes and socks that were hardly noticeable.

I felt excited in anticipation of being with her, though she's been away from me for only a few hours. As soon as she got in the car and closed its door, we kissed, and I caressed the inner side of her left thigh. "Hmmm, dad," was her response to my intrusive hand. I had an erection right away but had to control myself because, although my car was heavily tinted, people walking nearby the curb might still see us.

So, I just asked her, "How's the game?"

"Yssa won!" Liz exclaimed


"Yeah, she's getting better."

"Well, I'm glad. She's really into tennis."

"Bata pa lang siya pero ang galing na niya," said Liz, feeling so proud for her sister.

"She could be a pro someday."

"No doubt about it," said Liz in total agreement.

"Where do you want to eat?" I asked her, thinking that she might be hungry.

"I'm not hungry yet. Ikaw, dad?"

"I'm going to eat something light. Galing lang ako sa gym kase."

"Dun ka na din naligo, o umiwi ka pa?"

"Dun na sa gym."

"Let's gets something light later, maybe a salad?" Liz suggested.

"That's what I have in mind, and maybe some appetizer, too."

"Oh yes, dad. I like those baked and buttered New Zealand mussels," ang excited naman niyang mungkahi, so medyo nasira ang diet.

"With garlic?" Sabay kaming nagtanong.

Matapos kaming magtinginan saglit, sabay din kaming umiling at nagsabi ng, "nah!" at natawa kaming dalawa.

"Lakad lakad muna tayo."

"Sige, let's go to the mall."

We held hands while we chatted in the car. I never liked traffic, but whenever the lights were red, we kissed. And from where I'm seated, my hand was free to roam on any parts of her luscious body, especially on her tummy and thigh. However, I limited my hand on her inguinal or groin area, hence teasing her delicate "centerpiece."

Whenever I pulled my hand out from her shorts, Liz would sigh in disappointment, for she really wanted to be touched by daddy.

We held hands from the parking lot and inside the vast mall, and people seemed not to care about it, but I noticed, which often happens, boys and other middle-aged men were turning their heads to look at my beautiful daughter. On our way to the in-house seafood restaurant, we passed by the women's department store.

Since it was still early for dinner, I let go of Liz and allowed her to shop while I just watched her from a distance. I walked around and shopped for Deth and Rebecca.

I found it clever that the store positioned its jewelry section at the women's area, and I immediately thought of buying one for Liz. First, I thought of a pair of earing because there were so many excellent selections, but earrings don't say that much. On the other hand, a ring is not so subtle, and its placement on a finger has different interpretations, whether it was a gift or otherwise.

Hence, I decided to get her a necklace, and I found a perfect one for her: it is something to show to whom she belongs. Moreover, it's been one of my fetishes to have sex with a girl wearing only a necklace.

I put the small box containing the necklace in my pocket and returned to where I left Liz. I found her and approached her left side. She was trying some shoes, and only half of her butt was on the small cushioned seat. Liz's head and body were stooped down as she held the shoes to remove them from her feet. Though she was stooping, Liz faced her right side as she talked to the female sales lady, so she seemed not to have noticed the man in her front and left side.

He was staring at her chest.

From my direction, I saw that the front of her V-neck shirt was hanging, and I could see the bra strap and her right upper chest. The man was staring for a while, and when he finally noticed me, he turned to his left and walked away.

At first, I thought the man only saw her upper chest and the top of her breasts. However, I was surprised to realize that I saw more than her upper chest and the top of her breasts as I stood where the man was standing.

The truth was her bra cups fell forward and hanged as she stooped, thus revealing her pinkish nipples.

So, no doubt the man saw her nipples, too.

It's strange, however, that from the time I caught him staring at my daughter and realizing what he had seen, I did not feel mad. Instead, I felt aroused, so I immediately wondered if I still have that unconventional erotic appetite. But what further intrigued and excited me was the fact that her nipples were actually erect.

Even when we are not looking, we could tell when people stare at us as long as they are not past our peripheral view. The man was only about five feet, at 20 degrees, or ten o'clock, position in front of her, so she knew the guy was leering on her.

When she realized that I was back, Liz looked up and said "hi!" to me. She did not even bother to cover herself and just stood up and hugged me. I placed my hands on her lower back and interlocked my fingers as we embraced inside the department store. The young sales lady did not mind either upon realizing I'm her father.

My excitement was abruptly interrupted when Liz's phone rang. Realizing it's her mom calling from the airport, Liz answered right away. I let go of her and I was about to step away to let them talk privately, but Liz stopped me.

"Dad, she wants to talk to you." Liz handed me her phone. Jessica and I exchanged greetings, and pleasantry then requested me again to pick up Roland from the clinic on one of his scheduled appointments. She won't be back in time from her trip, and Raymond was to take care of the business operation while Roland will be having treatment.

Their driver would be taking Roland, and one of his daughters, to the clinic, but the driver will be the one to pick up Jessica from the airport as well.

Roland needed to be brought home right away from the clinic, and waiting for the driver and Jessica to come back from the airport would take a while.

It was not the first time I gave Roland a ride, and I didn't mind doing it again. I just planned to pick up Liz first from, or near her school, before going to the clinic for that particular appointment of Roland.

After Jessica and I talked, Liz and I had dinner and talked about her day and plans for the week.


We sat at a four-chair table at the restaurant. Liz was on my right side, and we were about to eat the freshly baked mussels. The table was not big, and our forearms and elbows easily touched. I ordered some wine, too, and we started drinking even before the appetizers arrived. The serving has 14 mussels with different sauces.

The first sauce consists of marinara sauce, grated Romano cheese, and shredded mozzarella. That's what her favorite.

"Oh, my. It's so delicious, dad." Matapos niyang kainin ang isa. Sinubuan naman niya ako sa bawat flavor na kanyang gusto at kinakain.

The second sauce was hot buffalo sauce and sprinkled with some bleu cheese crumbles. It's my favorite, so Liz fed me all the mussels covered in buffalo sauce. Meydo hindi mahilig sa spicy si Liz kaya ibinigay niya lahat sa akin.

The third sauce was a mix of cilantro, basil, and garlic, other spices, and rich in olive oil.

The fourth one has olive oil, but with granulated onion, grated Romano cheese, and red pepper flakes. It's not as spicy as the buffalo sauce, so Liz had some of this flavor.

Even though we did not want to eat some pure garlic (unlike the third sauce that was blended in the sauce), the last flavor was good anyway. So, we shared the mussels sauteed in chopped garlic in melted butter and sprinkled with Romano cheese and parsley.

I was so happy to see Liz happy even from little stuff like enjoying her favorite food, and she's so sweet that she fed me with her fork. Because we did not care anymore about eating garlic, I ordered some shrimps, also sauteed in garlic and butter.

Pinagbalat ko ng hipon si Liz dahil hindi pa din siya sanay magbalat ng hipon. Pero dahil kamay ang gamit ko, sinubuan ko siya at pati yung sauce sa aking daliri ay kanyang dinidilaan at sinisipsip. Halos nakadalawang serving na kami ng wine, at marahil umeepekto na nga ng kaunti ito sa kanya.

Buti at walang masyadong tao, at nang muli ko siyang subuan ng hipon, nakatitig siya sa akin habang dinidilaan ang sauce sa aking mga daliri. Nanggigil at nalibugan na din ako kaya I leaned towards her para halikan siya. She faced me and closed her eyes before I kissed her lips. Pareho kaming napa, hmmmm," habang kami'y naghalikan ng ilang saglit, at matunog ang aming mga labi na naghiwalay.

Habang kami'y kumakain at nagkwekwentuhan, naalala kong banggitin yung lalake na nakatingin sa kanya.

"Baby, napansin mo yung lalake kanina?"

"Alin yon, dad?"

"Nang nasa department store tayo."

"San banda?"

"Habang nagsusukat ka ng shoes."

She seemed to recall who I was referring, "Ah, yung saktong dumating ka."

"Nakita mo siya?"

"Ah, medyo."

"Sinisilipan ka niya," pabulong kong sinabi sa kanya.

"Parang nga." Sagot naman ni Liz at bigla akong na-aroused sa aking sinabi at sa kanyang sagot.

"Hindi ka nagtakip?" Which she knew what part of her body I was referring.

"Nagsusukat ako kasi ng shoes, eh," paliwanag naman niya.

"Pero hindi lang ang bra mo ang nakalitaw," paalala ko sa kanya.

My daughter sipped some wine from her glass before she asked, "Nakita mo din?"

"Oo kaya nakita niya din ang mga utong mo," sabi ko sa kanya.

"Alam ko," ang mahinhin niyang sagot.

Muli akong nalibugan sa aking sinabi at sa kanyang sagot.

"Sinadya mo ba? Usisa ko naman.

"Uy, dad bakit ko naman sasadyain?" ang pagka-inosente niyang tanong sa aking tanong.

"Pero hinayaan mo lang siya," ang tanong ko na hindi naman nagbibintang at sabay haplos ng likod ng aking kamay sa kanyang braso.

"Bakit naman," ang pa-demure niyang tanong sa aking tanong.

Samakatuwid, hindi niya ako sinagot ng deretso.

I peeled more shrimps and fed her with my fingers. I would look around first after she'd licked my fingers before I kissed her again. Her lips were coated with different flavors; that's why I took time to lick her lips, too.

I led her back to our conversation.

"I noticed tayo ang mga utong mo kanina."


"Nung minamasdan ka ng lalake."

"Ganun ba?"

"Gusto mo bang tinitignan ka?"

"Okay lang. Nasanay na ako." Paliwanag niya.

"Pero kanina binobosohan ka niya."

"Hmp, hayaan mo siya."

"Gusto mo ba iyon?"

"Na ano?"

"Binobosohan ka?"

"I don't know," ang sagot niya na hindi naman straight na 'no.'

I did not press her more since I understood her indirect admission, albeit not a confession. Then I pondered what else she'd willingly show to those who ogle her and whether she does it openly or discretely. I also wondered about those people around her whose eyes may love to feast on her youthful body.

Does her professor stare at her chests in class?

Does her soccer and volleyball coaches stare at her butt and legs when she wears her shorts?

Do priests peek into the crevice of that thin piece of board that separated him and Liz inside the confessional box?

Do her friends' dads covet my young daughter's body the way I desire her?

All these ideas and questions brought a mixture of feelings of jealousy and lust. So right there, at the table with my daughter, I wondered whether that the peculiar erotic craving might have only been dormant all these years.

Concerned about my seemingly incessant questioning, Liz asked me, "Are you upset?"

"About what?" pretending I did not know what she's referring.

"Dun sa lalake?"

"Hmm, hindi naman."

"Eh sa akin?"

"Never, baby."

She suddenly turned the questions that I asked, "Okay lang ba na tinitignan nila ako?"

"Well, it's a compliment and actually makes me proud because it means that you're pretty."

"Thank you, dad," and she looked at me with a sparkle in her eyes.

"So, that's understandable," I added.

She leaned to me and then asked in a whisper, "gusto mo bang binobosohan ako?"

"I don't know," ang sagot ko na hindi naman straight na 'no'.

Liz bit her lower lip and looked around before kissing me, and the tenderness and pressure of her lips were telling me that she was feeling hot about our conversation.


The following days were new and extraordinary for us. I have been feeling alive now than ever. Had I been single and alone, I would have questioned what purpose in life we all have to live, other than the perpetual cycle of life and death.

After another two or three generations that will have passed, we will all be forgotten. Even those who became famous or important and made significant accomplishments or contributions will become mere footnotes in history after another four or five generations.

And whatever lessons or ideas that these important people may have contributed, the next generations have their ways of discovering or learning those ideas anyway. So the next generations may even skip those footnotes and may never need them.

In the end, no matter how we put value in ourselves, eventually, we all become irrelevant. Do our great-grandparents still have significant impacts on our lives? Maybe for a few, but for many, they're all forgotten.

That's why we ought not to be limited or bounded by the general community or social standards in pursuit of our genuine happiness. Unless, of course, we're committing crimes or doing cruel and gravely inhumane acts, then we should not commit those acts. So, in my short time in this world, albeit seemingly long, I'll make the most of the special relationship that I have with my daughter.


Our morning drive to her school has been both romantic and sensual—we talk, we touch, we kiss. We exchange text messages throughout the day, telling her that I miss her and could not wait to be with her. When I picked her up from school after attending those classes that end in the afternoon, we often dine out and chat like regular couples.

But I also instructed our maids to cook dinner regularly because Liz and I have been eating together for supper together at home when we don't dine out. Either way, whether we dine in or dine out, I always eat her out in bed because my baby is my favorite delicacy.

After our meal in the evenings, we would chat while having tea or coffee before doing her homework. Sometimes, we drink wine (or whiskey for me) if we have no work to do and just want to relax in the evening.

We have been playful and sometimes daring in our relationship, and Liz has been slowly awakened her incipient desires, which also made me feel cautious and excited at the same time because I have wondered how far Liz would explore and expand her sexuality.

For example, I know and accept that she's bisexual, but is that the limit of her unconventionality? Now, however, being gay, lesbian, or bisexual seemed to be not uncommon. In my mind, I hope that our relationship will be the most unconventional that she has committed and nothing more. Nonetheless, I'll be prepared to accept whatever she'd explore, or if circumstances would permit, I'll be ready to participate in whatever acts that she would engage.


Yes, we have been daring.

One morning, before she got out from the car and after we kissed, I reached inside her skirt, wriggled my hand up until I held the garter of her panty. I started to pull it, and Liz played along with me and lifted her butt from the passenger seat, so that I could pull her panty all the way down. Hence, the whole day, I was in my office thinking that my daughter was in school without panty. She also texted me that she felt horny not wearing any underwear and that she almost exposed herself "accidentally."

One afternoon, on a different day, when I picked her up from school, she got in the car all sweaty in her volleyball uniform. Incidentally, that afternoon, I arrived precisely at the moment she finished her practice, so she did not have any time to change. She just put on her lightweight grey full-zip hoodie to cover her sweaty shirt.

"Hi, daddy!" Liz greeted me, and we kissed immediately after she closed the car door.

Her hair was tied in a ponytail, but some strands stuck on her perspire-laden face. The front of her jacket was not zipped, so her sports bra was noticeable and traceable in her sweaty outfit. Though I could not see how sweaty her shorts were, I was curious how soaked her shorts and panty.

Nanggigil kaagad ako sa unang halik namin pagsakay niya sa kotse. Pawisan si Liz pero walang masalimuot na amoy. Kung ano ang baby-like na amoy niya noong bata pa siya kapag nakikipaglaro at pawisan ay hindi pa din nagbago.

Noon namang dalagita pa si Liz, hindi na siya nagpapabihis sa akin dahil tumangkad na at may hubog na ang kanyang katawan, subalit kapunapuna ang kanyang kakaibang halimuyak sa tuwing darating siya sa bahay mula sa P.E. class.

At ngayong ganap na dalaga, ganun pa din ang amoy ng aking anak sa tuwing uuwing pawisan. Ang kakaibang halimuyak na aking nakagisnan ay nagpapalibog pa din sa akin hanggang ngayon.

As our lips locked and licked alternately, my left hand reached and held her crotch on top of her shorts and immediately found that it was moist, which means her panty must have been damped, too.

"Ohh," "Ohh," "Ohh...," Liz moaned when I massaged the part of her shorts that covers her center. I was already turned on because of her sweat and smell, but her moans made me hornier.

"Oh, baby daddy wants you right now."

"Now?" Her tone was a mixture of surprise and eagerness.

"Yes, anak. Ang sarap mo."

"Dad, kakatapos ko lang maglaro."

"Kaya lalo kang masarap."


"Sobra, anak. Kaya nakakagigil ka."

"I feel hot, dad."

"Nakakalibog ka, babe."

"Oh, dad, I want you, too, right now."

No doubt Liz felt horny, especially at her age and after doing physical activity. Exercise triggers the release of neurochemicals, like endorphins, that make us feel good all over our bodies. Exercise also facilitates the release of dopamine and serotonin that act in our system and make us experience pleasures.

I drove and took her to the mall's multi-level covered parking lot. Since we often go there, I was familiar with and knew where to park. Security guards only bother to check if someone lurks around vehicles, but guards don't check parked vehicles unless something unusual happens.

My car was heavily tinted except the windshield, which was also tinted, but lightly. It's quite difficult to see the inside through the door and rear windows, so I parked the car facing the wall.

As soon as I parked, we removed our shoes and socks, and both of us crawled between the two front seats and moved to the backseat. Liz was on the right side, and I was on the left. Without waiting for her to take her jacket, shirt, and bra off, I grabbed the waistband of her shorts and panty and pulled them down.

She leaned back at an angle and her head rested on the corner between the car door and the back seat on the right side, and my body was on the left side of the car.

"Dad, baka makita tayo," babala niya sa akin, but the risk of getting caught added to the excitement.

So, I did not mind her warning and started kissing the inner parts of her left thigh. But before I came close to her groin, I moved to her right thigh to kiss and lick it, too.

"Hmmm," "Ahhh…," and a sharp "Ohh," were her reactions as I lightly kissed and licked her skin. Still many inches away from her jewel, I could smell her girly odor that resulted from her all-day's activities, especially from her volleyball practice.

She became conscious about it somehow when I was nearing her crotch.

"Iyy, dad. I haven't washed yet," Liz warned me.

I heard her but 'did not listen.'

But before I moved straight to her center, I prolonged the anticipation and started kissing the inner fold of her left and right knee, which were moist because of her sweat. I pointed my tongue and slid it on her skin, licking every inch of her front and inner thighs. She again moaned in a slightly trembling voice when the tickle turned into pleasure.

My hands wandered on her thighs and legs, at napakanipis ng balahibo niya sa mga binti at hita kaya't napakasarap salatin ang kanyang makinis at pawisan na balat.

"Hmm," "Oohh," "Oohh," "Hmmm," ang reaksyon niya na magkahalong kiliti at sarap na dulot ng haplos ng aking kanang kamay sa kanyang kaliwang binti at aking mga halik sa kanyang hita, habang nilalamas ng nakasakmal kong kaliwang kamay ang kanyang kanang pwetan.

Haplos haplos ng aking anak ang aking buhok habang dinidilaan at kinakagat-kagat ko ang hita niyang nakabukaka't nakasalampak. Biglang sumagi sa isip ko na sadyang napaka-palad ko sapagakat hindi ibang lalake ang gumagawa ng ganito sa aking anak.

Sa kanyang kabataan o edad ay kung tutuusin at kung gugustuhin niya ay maaring na siyang magka-nobyo ng ibang lalake na manamantala sa kanyang likas na kalibugan.

Nang mahalikan at malawayan ko ang mga hita ni Liz, pinagmasdan ko muna saglit ang kayang hiyas. At dahil nalibugan na siya sa aking mga halik, may mala-dagta na katas na sumisibol mula sa bukana ng kanyang hiwa at dumadaloy mula doon.

Ang kanyang mga bulbol na manipis ay nahaluhan na ng katas at nagdidikitan pa ang ilang mga hibla. Meron ding mamuti-muti na natuyo sa paligid ng kanyang ari, lalo na sa kanyang bandang singit. Marahil nalibugan na siya habang nag-lalaro ng volleyball sa campus.

At dahil nga buong araw siya sa school at hindi pa siya naligo mula umaga, amoy na amoy ko ang tindi ng muskiness ng puki ng aking anak. Mula umaga ay marahil madaming beses nang umihi si Liz at kaunting banlaw lamang mula sa isang tabong tubig sa bawat pag-ihi.

At dahil dito, amoy na amoy ko ang naghalo-halong panghi, natuyo o namuong pawis, at natuyo at sariwang katas. Subalit kahit ganoon pa man, ang sarap sarap pagmasdan at langhapin ang natural na amoy nang puking hindi pa lubusang nasabunan at nahugasan sa buong maghapon.

Malinis sa katawan at maganda ang kalusugan ng aking anak. Subalit ang natural na halimuyak nang kanyang bulaklak ay parang elixir na gigising sa laman ng pinakabarik na tao sa isang magdamag sa inuman.

"Ahhaa," "Ahhaa," "Ohhh," at "Uhhmm," "Uhmm…" ang kanyang mga ungol nang simulang panggigilin ng aking mga labi at dila ang puki niyang may pagkalagkit at basa. At nang isabay kong ipasok ang aking isang daliri ay napaliyad siya kaya lalong namudmod sa aking mukha't bibig ang napakalinamnam niyang bukana ng langit.

Inilabas ko ang aking daliri na may sungkit na katas at agad ko itong isinubo.

Ang sarap.

Muling pumasok at sumungkit ang aking daliri at isinubo ko naman sa kanyang bibig. Ramdam na aking daliri ang pisil at higop ng kayang bibig habang aking ikinakaskas nang palabas at paloob ang aking daliri sa kanyang dila at labi.

Halata na kanya na rin natikman ito dati at sadya ding nasarapan sa kanyang sariling lasa.

Parang brotsa ang aking dila na pumapahid sa kanyang mga labia. Taas at pababa kong nilalasap ang puki ng aking anak, at nirapido ko ng kaliwa't kanan ang aking dila upang lalo siyang masarapan. At kapag medyo nangawit ang aking dila, akin naman bobrotsahin at sisipsipin ang kanyang naninigas na munting tinggil.

"Hmmm," "Hmmm," "Hmmm," and mga pigil niyang halinghing habang nilalabas-masok ko ang aking kanang index at middle finger sa kanyang bibig. Sinabayan din ng aking kaliwang daliri ang pag-finger sa kanya pekpek.

Bigla na lamang sumagi sa aking isipan na ano kaya kung hindi mga daliri ang magkasabay na nasa kanyang bibig at puki.

"Uhmm, dad…," Ahhaa," "Ahha," "Ahha," "Ahha," "Ohh," "Ohh," "Ohh..., ang ungol at hingal nang biglang iluwa niya ang aking daliri dahil sa tindi ng sarap mula sa aking paglaplap at pag-daliri.

Para naman akong aso na sabik at magkahalong mayumi at madiin sa buong hugis at haba ng kanyang gitna ang paglasap ng aking dila at paghalik ng aking mga labi sa kanyang ari.

Maya maya ay muli kong pinuntirya ang kanyang tinggil at tuloy lamang ang paglabas' masok ng aking daliri sa kanyang makremang puki.

"Oh, shit!" "Oh, shit!" "Ahh!" "Ahh!" "Daddy!" "Oohh!" "Ohh!" "Oohh! "My God, dad!" "My God!"

Dahil sa mga halinghing ni Liz, lubos akong nagalak. At dahil dito, lalo naman akong nalibugan kaya lalo pa akong ginanahan sa pagkain sa puki ni Liz.

Kaya't hindi na rin nagtagal, unti unting bumulwak ang namuong libog sa katawan ni Liz.

"Oh, dad, I'm gonna cum!" "Ohh," "Ohh, "Don't stop!" "Don't stop!" "Oh, dad, please don't stop" "Ahh," "Ahh," "Oohh," "Ohh," "Oohh," "Ohh," "Shit!" "Shit!" "Oh, my God!" "Ahh," "Ahh," "Ahh," "Ahh…."

As I licked and fingered her, my baby cum intensely as she held my head and pressed her cunt more on my mouth. And just like when I first sucked her breasts, her juice gushed, but this time, the torrent spread on my mouth, cheeks, chin, and parts of my neck.

It was like the water flowing from a punctured plastic, filled with iced-water, from which I used to drink after playing basketball on the street when I was young.

Pagkatapos labasan ni Liz, yung magkahalong kaunting panghi at kaunting amoy ng pawis ay nasapawan ng malinamnam niyang sabaw na akin namang nilunok dahil sa labis na libog at pagkauhaw sa aking kadugo at pinaka-aasam na anak.

"Oh my God, dad. That was so intense," she said while she's still catching her breath. Slowly, Liz lifted her head and shoulder and held onto my arms. When I noticed that she's trying to sit up, I pulled her up.

Liz straddled me, so I ended up sitting on the center of the backseat.

Her breathing hasn't normalized yet, and her chest and shoulders still rose and fell when she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me. Her knees and shins were on the seat, and her feet dangled on the backseat as she straddled me.

Since she's already naked from the waist down, I started peeling off her jacket and shirt; and as we kissed, I reached behind her and unclasped her bra. I pulled her bra and she moved her arms to free herself from it.

I found it sensual to pull and take off her bra.

After I took everything off her, the necklace was the only one left in her body, and she was so sexy wearing it. She leaned back a little and held the pendant and play with it with her fingers as she looked and smiled at me very seductively.

Her eyes were telling me that she really belongs to me.

The aroma of her sweaty and unbathed body was so enticing and arousing. I sniffed the musky smell covering her body. I even moved up and lifted her arms and sniffed her armpits, and they smell so good, so I kissed her left armpit first.

"Oohh," "Ooohh," "Ahhh," "Ahhhh," "Ahhhh," was her almost scream moans when I licked her armpit. Usually, she would have laughed because she's very ticklish. But since her being ticklish was overpowered by arousal, she felt sensual pleasure instead of a childlike tickle.

I also kissed and licked the side of her chest, which was right under her armpits, and my baby was writhing on top of me because of pleasure. Then, I held her waist with my hand and licked and sucked her breasts alternately. Liz was so aroused that she started rubbing her crotch on my pubic area, and I could feel her wetness and warmth on my skin.

Liz rocked her pelvis forward and back rapidly and moaned, "uhhmm," "uhhhmm," "uhhhmm," "Uhhmmm…" as she pressed and grinded her tingling cunt on me.

Suddenly, her right arm tightened its grip around my neck, and her left hand pressed on top of my right thigh. She's breathing hard, and her warm breath blew on my neck.

"Ahh," "Ahh," "Ahh," "Ahh," "Ahh," "Oh, daddy!" "Ohh," "Ohh," "Ohh," "I'm cumming," "I'm cumming," "Ohh," "Ohh," "Oohh," "Oohh," "Ooohh," "Ooohh…."

I grabbed, held her hair and pressed her mouth on my lips, and kissed and sucked her lips passionately. She could not respond with my kisses, for she was still straining her body from another intense orgasm. After she reached her climax, her peak started to curve down.

Her left cheek pressed on my face while she was panting, "ahh," "ahh," "ahh," "ahh…," and before her climax would have completely flattened, Liz said, in between her huffs, "Put it in daddy."

Right away, I held my erection with one hand and lifted her butt with the other. With her knees and legs on the seat, she raised herself slowly, and when my erection centered on her pussy, Liz lowered herself on my penis.

She gave a soft moan, "uhmm," as my dick slid deep inside her.

For a moment, the world seemed to have stood still and filtered everything out as God looked only upon us. But in front of the eyes of our Lord, I felt no remorse or guilt. How could He condemn the love and lust that Liz and I have for each other?

While orgasm is a gift and in itself is good, what evil are the means or the violence in achieving it. But what Liz and I have is neither force nor fierce, but genuine tenderness. So, God has no business in our loving and incentous affair.

Besides, humanity would not have flourished beginning from Adam and Eve had incest weren't part of the biblical affairs; the first people, who were very much likely related, had to fuck each other in order to reproduce.

Her forearms were on the backseat, and her hands were above it. My back, neck, and my head rested on the backseat, and our bodies were so close and intimate. She leaned towards me, and our lips locked as our tongues tangled and played. I grabbed her butt, and my baby lifted herself from me and then pushed down. She did it again and again, at first slowly, pumping my erection inside her tight vaginal wall.

"Ahh," "Ahh," "Ahh," "Ahh…," were her constant moans as her pelvis slowly tilted forward and back. Her slender body, from her neck down to her lower back and hips, gracefully moved like a ocean wave on top of me.

It's amazing that I could focus on two wonderful sensations simultaneously: my cock brushing the wall of her love canal and the sweetness of her mouth as we torridly kissed. "Hmm," "Hmm," "Hmm," "Hmm…," were the sounds that resonated from both of us.

My hands wandered on her back, and she moved her hips gradually faster.

She raised her forearm from the back seat but kept her hold on top of it. I scooted down a little bit, so her face was higher than mine. Her back's slow and gracious wave-like pattern changed into a bouncing movement, with more focused on her hips pumping motion. As she firmly grasped the top of the backseat for support, my daughter rode my dick fast and hard.

"Hhhmm," "Hhhmm," "Hhhmm," "Ahhh, "Aahh," "Aahh," "Aahh…," Liz wildly cried. She was riding me in a rhythmic thrust but at a ramped-up pace to catch her next orgasm. After a while, her hands alternately moved from the top of the back seat to my chest to maintain her balance, force, and momentum.

My daughter seemed to like it rough.

Eventually, she started panting again as she neared another orgasm, "Ah," "Ah," "Ah," "Ah," "Ah…." "Oh, fuck daddy!" "Oohh!" "Oohh!

Liz extended her back and neck, and when I looked up, her face seemed to be in a trance. She then blew a long exhale then her head and neck fell on my shoulder. My daughter stopped her pumping motion, but she pressed herself on my crotch, her pussy fully engulfing my erection.

Her shoulders and back moved up and down to catch her breath. Each time she breathed in, her shoulders were up, and her back extended. Each time her shoulder dropped, Liz flexed her abs and thrusted her pelvis forward to make the most of the pleasure while my dick was deep inside her. Her upper body—from her neck to her hips—again flowed in a slow wave-like motion to grind her crotch on me, as if further extending the euphoric effects of her crippling orgasm.

I thought that what she wanted to sustain the pleasure, so I held the side of her body and laid her on the right side of the backseat. Her head ended up at the corner between the closed car door and the backseat, in the same position when I was eating her pussy.

I placed her right ankle on my left shoulder, and she spread her left thigh and leg on the backseat. In that position, my daughter's thighs were spread widely, and her engorged little minoras were fully and vulnerably exposed as a result. To support myself, with extended elbows, I propped my left hand on the backseat, and my right hand grabbed the top of the backrest.

Using my hips, I guided my hardened dick into her welcoming yet still closed minoras. Liz's eyes were so fixed and watched, without blinking, the tip of my penis landed on her center. But right before I penetrated her, she looked at me, and as I buried my throbbing hardness, we eye-locked.

With our eye contact, I felt an exchange of deep feelings of lust and emotions between my daughter and me.

"Aahhhh," as she quietly and slowly breathed in when my hips pushed towards her.

As our bodies connected, my erection felt the silkiness of her young pink hole when the head and shaft of my dick parted her opening and continued to slide inside her. She breathed out a soft, "ohhwoohh," as soon as I buried my shaft completely. It was so amazing that no matter how naturally well-lubricated my daughter was, I still felt the tightness around my rod.

"Uhhhmmm," was her reaction when I first pulled back and followed by another soft "ohhwoohh," when I was again immersed deeply. My movements were primarily with my hips as my pelvis tilted back and forward steadily at the beginning of my slow pace pumping.

After staring at each other for a while, and as Liz made her sensual moans, she lifted her head from the seat and then trained her eyes where our body connected. Her mouth was open, her nose was flaring, and her chest rose and fell as she looked at my penis slid back and forth in her pussy.

It was erotic for her to watch her pussy being fuck by her own daddy. I, too, watched my dick, then covered by her white and creamy sap, gaped and penetrated her small vagina.

"Uhmm," "Hmmm," "Ohhh," "Oohh," "Hmmm," were her reactions before she closed her eyes and let her head fall back on the backseat.

"Ahh," "Ahh," "Ahh," "Ahh," "Ahh…," Liz began to breathe a little faster when she started tilting her pelvis back and forward in order to meet my thrusts. So, as I thrusted towards her, her hips pushed forward, too.

Hence, the slight forceful bumping of our pubic areas, where our sexes collided, added to her pleasure. A louder "hhhmm" Liz moaned each time our groin bumped from our simultaneous push towards each other.

Because of the added forced when our body bumped, I, too, felt an incredible sensation on my erection. Thus, I started to moan as well, "Uhh," "Uhh," "Uhh," Uhh," and the slow-motion made me focused more on the pressure surrounding my hard cock.

Liz later stopped moving her hips and her breathing became long and deep. Her eyes were still close, but her chin quivered once in a while as she savored the pleasure that was trapped under and all over her luscious skin.

"Ohhh, "Ohhh," "Ahh," "Ahh," "Ahh," "Uhhm," "Uhhm," "Uhhm...," Liz went on and on, and her mind seemed to be traveling up and above elsewhere, and when she moaned, "Ohh, daddy," she said it as if she's alone in the car. My body was there, and my dick reached almost the limit of her cunt, but she lay seemingly oblivious of me, for as if she was in a beautiful dream, under pure bliss.

I felt her copious cream all around my shaft, so I knew that she's in an ecstatic state. And since she was naturally lubricating a lot, my penetration became faster. But my baby has learned how to squeeze my rod, which she told me later that it's called Kegels. She timed and kept the pressure whenever I'm completely inside her.

Thus, she was not entirely unmindful of me after all.

But in our position inside the car, sometimes my thrusts weren't deep, or sometimes I went in from a different angle; her squeezes continued, nonetheless.

And I noticed why. Her vaginal clasps added pressure on her silky vaginal wall, and Liz enjoyed my thrusts more as she squeezed my persistent penis; she loved the feeling of my hard dick pumping in and out of her as she added pressure around it.

She eventually grabbed my left arm as she endured the thrilling energy that was slowly taking over her sweaty body. The pleasure painted in her face was unmistakable, and the pitch of her "hmmm," "hmmm," "hmmm," "hmmm…," also gradually becoming higher.

My baby really loved the feeling of my hard rod pistoning her pussy.

With just my moderate pace and her steady squeezes, the energy built up was again released in another current of overpowering orgasm. I felt the strong gripped of her hand on my left arm and the pressure from the tips of her fingers clawing on my chest. Her body wriggled but has no place to go. She's trapped between me and the door and backrest of the car seat.

Though her body was cornered, her cries of passion escaped from her most sacred soul. "Oohh!" "Oohh!" "Oohh!" "Ahh! "Ahhh," "Ahhh," "Hmmm," "Hmmm," "Hhaa!" "Hhaa…."

Her head was steadily pressed against the corner of the back seat and the door as her neck and body extended, hence arching her back. Her seemingly incessant orgasm made her body trembled, and all I could do was to watch her and continued my thrusts.

And as I kept my thrusts, her silky wet tightness was caressing my erection. The friction between her vaginal wall and my length as I slid in and out of her was so pleasurable, so I, too, was eliciting deep and raspy moans, "Uhmmkhh," "uhmmkhh," "uhmhkhh…"

Still breathing quite heavily, Liz lifted her arms towards me, and her palms touched my shoulders. I immediately scooped her back with my arms and pulled her closer to me.

It was like when she's little girl and would extend her arms to me, wanting to be carried.

My dick got dislodged, and my butt ended up on the car seat. Facing her, Liz ended up straddling and wrapping her arms around my body. Her head was on my shoulder and my hands stroked her back as if I'm comforting her from some kind of discomfort. But what happened was her orgasm seemed to have punished and weakened her.

That's what I thought.

"Ohh, dad," she said in a hoarse voice.

"Are you okay, anak?"

"Yes, I'm okay."

"How are you?"

"Oh, amazing, dad." Her breathing slowed down but still rather deep.

"You seemed exhausted?"

I felt her head shook as she rested on my shoulder and said, "No, I'm good."

I remembered that she plays volleyball and soccer, so I realized that she's in great shape, and I was not surprised when she lifted her head to kiss me. Her mouth is so sweet and tender. Liz moved and wrapped her arms around my neck, and she dropped from my lap.

With her arms around me, she led me as she turned and adjusted her body until her back rested on the center backrest of the seat.

My feet ended on the car floor with my knees slightly bent, facing her. Liz tilted her pelvis up, flexed her right thigh, and extended her right knee. When I realized that she's trying to place her legs on me, I held her right ankle and put her right calf on my left chest. She held down her left thigh on the seat with her left hand, thus opening her thighs and offering her glistening, damp pussy to me.

Her eyes—that appeared to be under a blissful dream—were inviting me. When I lowered my hips to answer her tacit entreaty, my daughter took a deep breath in anticipation of my yet another forbidden intrusion.

My palms were planted on the car seat for support when I entered her eager cunt. "Uhmm," my daughter moaned after I fully immersed my shaft into her most sacred orifice. I pulled and pushed back, and an ecstatic "uhmmm answered my every push."

It was then my turn to move my body, from my shoulders to my hips, in fluid and wave-like motions in humping my beautiful daughter.

Even though the inside of the car was dimmed, the pendant glistened. The necklace's chain was twisted, and the pendant was skewed on her chest, the wrong side up. With her fingers, Liz turned the pendant and centered it on her chest, between her breasts.

Liz started to stroke my body and chest with her left hand and maintained her thighs spread apart as if she has been used to fucking by then, though she new to sex. Perhaps, it's her submission to my control that made her more impassioned, but I knew, at that moment, I have not entirely dominated my eldest child yet.

We were both moaning and grunting as my hips pumped her widely exposed crotch. Her creamy juice spread around her pussy, inner thighs, and parts of her butt above her gluteal creases.

"Uhm, daddy."

"Yes, baby."

"I love you," said Liz as she gazed into my indecent soul through my pervert eyes.

I did not answer but moved my hands from the backseat to her waist and grabbed her. I pulled her each time my hips pushed in, making my dick thrusted deep inside her.

Adding force to my humping, Liz's hands were all over my body—face, neck, shoulders, chests, waists—to show her tenderness and approval.

"Ahh," "Ahh," "Ahh," "Huhmm," "Huhhmm," "Oh, daddy," "Keep going," "Ahhm," "Ahhmm…."

My baby girl's young pussy kept on creaming, making her tight and contracting cunt more pleasurable to fuck. "Uhm," "uhm," "uhm," "uhm…," were my moans, as I felt the sustained and almost uniform pressure around my rod.

"Shit, dad!" "Ohh," "Ohh," "Ohh," "Don't stop," "Don't stop, daddy!" cried Liz as her breathing quickened.

Her plea had driven my desire to a higher notch. My left hand remained on her waist, and with my right hand, I grabbed the top of the backseat for momentum. With that, I was consistently burying my erection with added perfection.

"Ahh!" "Ahh!" "Ahh!" "Ahh…," "Oh, dad." "Ohh," "Ohh," "Oohh…, "Shit!" "Shit!" "Uhmm," "Uhmm…."

Suddenly, Jake, one of the long-serving security guards and a security supervisor, passed by. My car's back window was tinted, but one could still make out the figure or shadow inside the car with a careful look. Jake squinted his eyes, and with added illumination from a nearby fluorescent light, he was able to detect my shadow because he just smiled, shook his head, and walked away.

He likely realized that since the engine was still running, I was boning someone inside. He could not see Liz because her head was below the top of the backseat. Normally, he would have approached a vehicle and stop such "activity," but since he recognized my car, he just moved on. Also, all the door windows were shut so that no one could hear our cries and moans inside my airconditioned car.

So, I kept on pumping my daughter's pussy, and I was already sweating even though the aircon was in max. Liz could no longer concentrate on her squeezes at that moment, but her love hole was still tight. But since she's well lubricated, my dick was slick, so I slid in and out of her quite easier.

And my baby loves my constant humping. She's mostly breathing through her mouth, and her panting became more distinct, "Hha," "Hha," "Hha," "Hha," "Hha…." But despite her seemingly labored breathing, Liz said, "Yes, daddy." "Fuck me, "Fuck me," "Fuck me," "Fuck your baby," "Fuck your baby girl."

Apparently, my daughter seemed to like it roughly.

With my right hand, I grabbed her right leg that was on my left shoulder. I moved her right leg in front and across her body and pressed her right shin on the upper part of the backrest. My right hand held the top of the backrest, and my right thumb hooked and secured her right ankle to keep it in place.

Thus, I swung her right leg to her left side. Since I swung her right leg across her body and pressed her right shin onto the backrest, her upper body was leaning slightly towards the right side of the backseat.

As a result, her pelvis tilted further forward, and her butt raised from the seat. Liz placed her left hand under her right knee to pull and maintain her right thigh in the up position. In this position, I fucked my baby girl's pussy at a different angle and possibly deeper.

"Ahh," "Ahh," "Ahh," "Ahh," "Ahh…," Liz helplessly moaned louder. Hearing her moans made me more eager to please her. As my hips rocked back and forth and as my dick slid in and out of her, her juice kept leaking out, and her creamy nectar enveloped my rigid shaft.

"Daddy, faster," Liz finally said.

Upon hearing that, I repositioned my left foot on the car floor and placed my right knee on top of the backseat to ensure that I could provide the proper momentum. With that, I moved my pelvis faster to answer her request.

"Oh," "Oh," "Oh," "Oh," "Oh…" "Dad," "Dad," "Dad," "Dad…" "Uhm," "Uhm," "Uhm…" were my daughter's alternating cries as I humped her faster.

We looked at each other, and her eyes seemed uninhibited and beaming with lust. Her lovely face was all I could watch. Liz's inhibition was totally gone, so her eyes and face openly expressed her soul's desire—to be fuck by daddy.

Her vaginal muscles resumed squeezing, so I felt my dick twitch in pleasure for every push and pull; eventually, her mumbling changed into an explicit command.

"Daddy, harder," Liz finally said.

She's a spoiled little girl, so I obeyed. I placed my left hand under her right thigh to push it towards her chest, and I firmly grasped the top of the backseat with my right hand. Working with my breathing, I thrusted my hips more forcefully, so my body rocked forward, pulled back, and smacked again forward.

The slapping sound when our hips and flesh collided reverberated inside the car, "Pak," "pak," "pak…," which were mixed by Liz's moans and my husky grunts.

"Oh, daddy!" "Oh, daddy!" "Yes!" "Yes!" "Yes." "Sige pa!" "Sige pa" "Yan!" "Yan!" "Ganyan!" "Oh, dad!" "Sige!" "Sige!" "Sige!" "Sige pa!" "Ohh!" "Ohh!" "Ohh!" "Tangina, dad!" "Ahh," "Ahh," "Ahh," "Oh, my God!" "Oh, my God!"

Then sharp, "Hmmm," "Hmmm," Hmmm," "Hmmm…," were her cries as she took the hard pounding of my hips and the forced penetration of her young coochie.

"Fuck me, daddy! Liz suddenly screamed.

My breathing became heavier, my grunting became louder, my body became sweatier; I dutifully obliged and gave her what she wanted.

"Oh!" "Oh!" "Oh!" "Oh!" "Fuck!" "Fuck!" "Fuck!" "Fuck me!" "Fuck me!" "Fuck me!"

"Oh, daddy!" "Fuck me harder!" "Harder!" "Harder!" "Harder, daddy!" "Harder!" "Yes!" "Yes!" "Yes!"

"Oh, yes!" "Oh, daddy!" "Fuck me!" "Ahh!" "Ahh!" "Ahh!" "Ahh!"

"Fuck your little girl!"

Liz absorbed my hips' hard spanking on her vulva and the rough penetration of her vajayjay. When she said, "fuck your little girl," I could not help but looked at her bouncing little boobies and imagined that the tips weren't out yet as she described them before.

My hips went on to move forward and back.

"Ahh!" "Ahh!" "Dad!" "Oh my God!" "I'm close, dad!" "I'm close!" "I'm so close," Liz warned me, so I would not stop.

As my hip slapped and slapped her cunt, my cock impaled her balls deep and forcefully penetrating and grinding all the surface of her teenage vagina.

"Oh, dad!" "Oh, dad!" "Uhhmm!" "Uhhmm!" "Daddy!" "Daddy!" "Ohh," "Ohh," "Ohh…," "Ohhw," "Ohhw," "Ohhw…."

Liz's shoulders shrugged, and her neck extended and stiffened for a second before her back and head fell on the backseat. Her eyes were tightly closed, but her mouth was wide open when her body quivered as the built-up lust insider her exploded and filled her body with fire.

Her breathing also paused momentarily and was followed by an almost whisper and fast, "ah," "ah," "ah," "ah," "ah," "ah," "ah…," then followed again by audible and sharp, "Uhhmm," "Uhmmm," "Uhhmm…."

More nectars flowed and flooded her flower, which was mixed with her squirt that gushed sporadically as I continued to piston her pussy with long and hard strokes.

I, too, grunted, "ahha," "ahha," "ahha," "ahha…," because of the pleasure as my erection slid in and out of her slippery hole.

I scanned her beautiful sweaty body and looked at her face. I could not stop my mind from playing different fantasies and strangely, I felt my arousal heightened when I remembered what happened when Liz was trying some shoes.

I kept on my hard and force thrusts, and Liz's eyes were still closed because her orgasm was still consuming her.

"Ahha!" "Ahha!" "Ahha!" "Ahha!" "Ahha!" were my continuous moans as I near my orgasm, too.

My mind kept playing some vivid scenes and creating one fantasy after another as I watched the pleasure on my daughter's immaculate face.

Her facial reaction made my imagination gone wilder and made me growled, "Oh, Liz!" "Oh, my baby!" "Oh, my baby girl!" "Ah, my little girl!

"Oh, daddy," "Ooohh," "Oohh," "Oohh," were here soft replies as her climax started to descend.

Realizing that her breathing slowly returned to normalize, I moved my hips faster to take her to the peak again.

As I howled, "Ahh!" "Ahh!" "Ahh!" "Oh, Liz!" "Oh, baby…," Liz again accepted my hard thrusts.

My imagination took away my rational thoughts and my reasons dissipated. My mind was lost into the wilderness of depravity, and my lust was in pure control.

As Liz writhed in another built-up ecstasy, I watched her face and imagined that the guy at the mall was the one fucking her.

With that sudden thought, my balls tightened, and my ass tensed. My balls pumped and released their contents.

Instead of continuing my thrusts, I made a strong final push and looked at her face intensely as I ejaculated deep inside my daughter, filling her with warm, creamy, life-giving jizz.

Liz opened her eyes, and we locked our sights as she felt my penis erupted and strings of cum blasted into her fertile womb.

After the last drop of my potent seeds, I held her body and pulled her. I then lay on the backseat with my head on the left end. I hugged my baby as she rested on top of me, and when my penis slipped out from her soddened cunt, I felt my cum flowed and trickled down on me.

We're still catching our breath as our sweaty bodies touched, and I felt her hard nipples pressed on my chest. My left hand reached her face and parted her hair. Liz lifted her face from my upper chest and neck and moved up to kiss me.

We exchanged saliva and sweat as we breathed on each other's craving mouths.

We rested, and soon, our breathing slowed as normalcy resumed. Once in a while, another vehicle passed, and its revving engine would echo inside the multi-level parking garage of the mall. Other than that, my car's idling engine and the air flowing out from the aircon were the only backgrounds of the sound of our lips' smacking and our tongues' licking.

I thought it was one of our hot and more passionate sex, and the idea of another man fucking my daughter has excited me.

But I realized that I told Liz that she's free to have another relationship or even marry someday, and I even encouraged her to date because I wanted someone to continue taking care of her as I grow older; therefore, such an idea was not really a big deal and could not have caused my new-found excitement.

Besides, if a man could decide to have sex with more than one girl, it seems fair that a girl could choose to be fuck by another man if she wants. Moreover, if a man feels he's free to have sex with more than one girl at the same time, it's also fair for a girl to have sex with two guys at the same time if she wants a threesome.

Men have no right to monopolize sex and taboo.

But after a moment, the real cause of my desire began to dawn on me and that it was not her having a relationship or it was not her having sex with another man that actually excites me—it's the idea of watching another man fucks my Elizabeth.

With that in my mind, I also thought that barely legal girls should only be fucked by older men that when she looks up at him and presents her innocent face, she'd be awed and enthralled on why such a mature dick is giving her so much pleasure.

At that exact moment, I wondered if the past would repeat itself. My heart pounded hard upon pondering about the possibility. Even the idea of confessing my fantasy to her made me feel very horny.

"Are you okay, dad?" Liz asked me when she felt my chest.

"I love you, baby." Was all I could think of and say to her.

Liz raised her head from my chest and looked at me.

"I did not reply when you said, 'I love you...' to me kanina," I added.

She dropped again on my chest and cuddled. I sensed that she's smiling and happy. Since she was exhausted after our intense "love making," Liz fell asleep on top of me. I felt tired, too, so I pressed the button to lower the window and opened a little bit of space, so air can flow in.

Before I dozed off, I watched and admired her childlike face. She slept like a baby, and I wanted to hug her tightly to make her feel my love even in her dream. I also felt glad that it was not some other teenage or naive guy who ravishes her. Liz doesn't need that extra emotional baggage that young and immature relationships entail. Lucky for her, daddy shall only treat her the way a daughter deserves to be fucked.
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