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This is Part 6 of my sensual message exchanges with Brifer, my yummy Tito. Hehe It has been almost a month since we shared Part 1 of our hot and steam
20 Minutes
Filipino Sex Stories

Tied Up And Fucked

So... This is Part 5 of our sensual message exchanges. Part 4 was supposed to be the finale already. We didn't PM each other anymore since we decided
26 Minutes
Intense na Landian, Kiligan, Libugan, at Selosan na nauwi sa Kantutan (SOC).That pretty much sums up this story, which is Part 4 (the finale) of the s
20 Minutes
This story is Part 3 of my sensual message exhanges with Tito (Brifer). Again this is our convo straight and fresh from my inbox verbatim..*** "My Sen
10 Minutes
____________________So this story is actually part 2 of my post "My Q&A with Brifer" last week. We both decided to make part 2 due to the readers' lik
14 Minutes
Filipino Sex Stories

My Q & A With Brifer

Recently, I "met" Brifer (Brian), a famous author here on FSS. We just met online. No meet up. We only know each other here on FSS. Not personally.He'
6 Minutes
We left Dr. Chan's clinic already. His clinic is at the 3rd floor of a corporate building in Makati. There are lots of other offices in the building b
9 Minutes
After one week on a Saturday morning, I was scheduled for check up at Dr. Chan's clinic at 11:00. I was waiting for Rico to fetch me in my condo. Kaka
12 Minutes
One time Rico and i decided to hang out at their house while wala parents niya para pwede kami mag hanky panky. They have a very big house in a very h
6 Minutes
I suddenly remember my college bf and our sex life. His name is Rico. Chinito, actually chinoy, hindi naman gwapo pero may itsura, bad boy look, may t
5 Minutes
Filipino Sex Stories

What A Night..

This story is about a fling i had back in college. Itago na lang natin siya sa pangalang Kevin. I met him at a bar. I was just 18 years old. I was you
4 Minutes